It not about YOU!








1 Sam 2:12-36

The sons of Eli were caused but Samuel grew in stature in favour with God and man. In those times, before there can be a King, there is a priest. God was looking for a priest that would announce the arrival of a King, and the King fulfils the mandate of God. In our times, we believers are a royal priesthood, it is our mandate to announce and also fulfil God’s agenda on earth.

Jer 29:11; Psa 139:16

 In God’s mind He has set forth the path for every man to walk through, however as humans we have our freewill to choose to walk by God or by self. It is the duty of a parent to raise their children intentionally according to the workings of God.

Gen 18:17-19

The workings of God are revealed to nations, no one nation can manifest in isolation. No success is sustainable outside the power of God.

1 Sam 2:12

The Sons of Eli were irredeemable / corrupt / wicked men that did not regard God, they did not know the Lord.

What does it mean to Know?

Knowledge means competency / to make a claim about what is true or false (propositional knowledge). Knowledge is justified true belief.

1 Peter 3:15

The best way to raise our children is in the gospel.

Eph 6:4

Wrath can be imbedded anger (passive aggressiveness). It is possible as parents to provoke our children to wrath by forcing things on them. As parents we need to bring our children in the instructions and training of the gospel (word of God). As parents we need to reason with our children intelligently, on their level and in accordance with the word of God.

As parents we need to be intentional in raising our children. You cannot delegate raising our children to others. If it is important to you, then you need to demonstrate it to them. Beware that you over-discipline them.

Training – Reason with your children and raise your children with boundaries.

Instruction – Guide children by gospel principles.

Parents need to seek knowledge to equip you in raising your children especially in these modern times.

In this season, our children will have the understanding of who our God is by reason of what we will pass on to them, actively in the Knowledge and guidance of the spirit of God. It is not about you, but about our living God.

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