It's a Set Up


The issues in your life are all set-ups.

1st Sam 1:1-28

Elkanah was a righteous man. He went to Shiloh  (the place of rest) to worship year after year but his wife (Hannah) was unable to have children.

Righteous people go through hardships.

Hannah received double portion from her husband. Although she was blessed, she was unable to have children. Being blessed doesn’t mean you may not have issues in life.

Many commentaries say Hannah was the first wife. Hannah means grace. However, it seemed grace was not producing in her life.

At times, being in grace may seem not to produce results.

Elkanah (a righteous man) like Abraham then chose to seek help outside of grace (Hannah). A Christian may fall into sin but should not practice sin.Righteous people fall but are not meant to stay down but rise again. 

Peninnah was obtained outwith grace. She symbolised progress outside Christ. She drew from the same husband Hannah (grace) drew from but she had children.

Other people are moving on but you seem not to be moving ahead in life regardless of the worship and service you give to God. Don’t give up. Hannah didn’t.

Yes, others may have gone ahead of you but is the 1st house in your neighbourhood the finest? Don’t use other people’s achievement as a yard stick for your life.

Hannah’s adversary (Peninnah) made Hannah afraid. Being afraid takes away your joy and faith. However, Hannah kept on worshipping God year after year regardless of the taunting of her adversary. Her relationship with God did not suffer because of her trials. Yes, she cried due to the issues in her life but she did not lose faith.

God solving your problem should not be the proof of His love to you.

God’s love for you is constant regardless of any issues you may be facing.The one thing missing in your life is a set up. There are some positions in life that you can’t get to if prayer does not place you there.

The sons of Eli were not walking with God. Hannah understood that God needed  a son to serve Him. That's why asked for a son. and gave back the son she was yet to birth.

She shifted the focus from her need of a child to God’s need for a son willing to serve Him. Hannah prayed and understood there was a purpose to the pain. Abraham asked God for a son but Hannah gave God a son. She got to a point where life did not mean anything anymore.

Although she had no guarantee that she would have other children but she released the one she had in faith because she was focused on God's need and not hers.

Let your identity be in Christ. You realise your identity by prayer and the word.

Hannah embraced her pain. She then underwent a process to focus on her Samuel (God’s need) and not the Peninnah (her issues). What are you focusing on?

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