It’s all in the circumcision








Jos 5:1-8

James 1:2-4

Most times when people go through things, the usual question is WHY?

The answer to your why is – it’s all in the circumcision.

God’s work is always perfect. When God is going to do His work, it is deeper than what you would ever know.

Deut 32:4; Psa 107:20 God’s main reason for doing things in our lives is because of His word. You cannot finished praying until you have dwelt in His word. You must follow through with His word for it to perfect His work in you.

Phil 4:6-8 Go back to the word, fill your mind with the word and then you will experience His transformation.

Psa 105:19; Isa 9:8 Many times when you pray and study the word, you always expect the word to change the circumstance around you, but God’s primary reason for releasing His word to you is to bring transformation from within you prior to the external manifestation. For there to be a fulfilment of God’s word, there has to be a transformed man.

God’s word will break you. In God’s qualifier, brokenness ranks higher than competence. The weaker you are the more attractive you become to God, because it demonstrates your absolute dependence on God.

Gen 1:1-2 God’s spirit hovers over what is messy. God is not seeking the perfect, His love seeks out the weak and vulnerable.

Jam 1:2-4; 2 Cor 4:17 The enemy sends trials to destroy you, but God allows it to perfect and strengthen you. Nothing happens to a child of God outside of His knowledge. Your problem is what gives you capacity to carry/handle your breakthrough.

Psa 119:130; 105:19-22 When the word of God comes, it pays attention to you, it amplifies what is already inside you. First it draws attention to your faults so that you can deal with it because those who are seeking out your gift are coming, you need to deal with it first so that as they begin to come, they are not drawn back as a result of your undealt weakness. God’s word transformed Joseph from an entitled young-man into a prince that could lead elders.

Matt 5:14; Isa 6:8 Before God sends you, He has to refine you. Stop looking for your breakthrough on the outside, settle the breakthrough within first. If you don’t yield to God first, then things will be prolonged. Beware, that whilst God is eternal, you are time-bound, yield!

Deut 8:1-3 The reason why the word comes to process you, is to deliver you from what and who you are dependent on. You are as humble as you are willing to do the word (serve, give, forgive).

Deut 8:3 If God is going to cut you from what you are dependent on, He sends His word to make you realise that the thing you are dependent on is fast becoming idolatry. God’s word comes to cleanse you before He can fill you with His grace. Until Abraham was ready to sacrifice Isaac, God did not take him seriously.

Acts 7:22 God broke Moses because of the assignment He had for him far outweighed the “wisdom of the Egyptians” that he was filled with. At times, your wisdom can become your hindrance.

Eze 28;12-13; 1 Cor 3:18-19 The word of God should constantly bring you to a place where you constantly know that you need to depend on God.

When you are going through trials, the question you want to ask yourself is; what does God want to perfect? That trial is actually a messenger! Seek out that work that God wants to perfect within you.

Josh 5:3 Challenges are forms of circumcision. Circumcision is always a thing of the heart. It is how God deals with those things that hinder Him from being the centre of your heart. It is a painful process. Circumcision is the bruising of the foreskin likewise, the bruising of your heart. The more mature you become the more you embrace your challenge. If the vessel doesn’t crack, the oil will not flow. Wherever you see great manifestation, know that there was great crushing.

Don’t be deceived that you are the only one going through issues, don’t fall into the trap of isolation.

Josh 5:8 When you are going through your process, do not allow the process to move you; stay where you are till you are healed because if you move in the middle of your process, you become a liability.

Jer 15:16 When you are wounded you need Oil and Wine for your healing. Oil for the bruise and wine for your heart. You need to be healed in order to come into the fullness of your manifestation. A wounded person will always attract the wrong company. Blood attracts wolves, sharks because of the scent that it produces.

A symptom of being wounded is that you keep pointing to others. Look within for your healing.

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