Justice and Judgement








Gen 18:17-19

The way to establish God’s blessing upon our lives is to do justice and judgement. Wisdom can be demonstrated in three dimensions:

  1. The Knowledge of eternal truth
  2. The capacity to make right decisions
  3. The ability to discern right relationships

Eternal truths form the foundation of how life works. Some examples of eternal truths include:

Gen 8:22 – Life is intentional, you reap that which you sow.

2 Cor 3:18 –Whatever image you place in front of you becomes who you are transformed into. Your making is in who you are following.

2 Cor 9:10 – What you get defines what season of life you are in. If what you earn is not enough to meet all your needs, then you are in a season of sowing. Then that which is in your hand, is a seed. Do not eat your seed, sow it!

 1 Pet 5:5-6 – Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God.

These eternal truths are judgement calls of God, as long as you align to them, you will reap the full benefit of them all.

Gen 18:18-19

Our mode of action as believers should be governed by how God does and acts. Meaning you choose to adopt God’s mode of action. This simply means that you practice justice and judgement.

God’s judgement is God’s call, meaning I adopt God’s way of doing things. Judgement is the right call and right statement. Judgement simply means what God says concerning a matter is what I choose to follow.

Justice means executing judgement in the best possible way.

Matt 23:23

Tithing, offering is good, in addition to this is good justice, faith and mercy. Your seed will only grow when it is presented on the right ground. When you respond in justice, mercy and faith, you receive the blessing for it. Don’t be so preoccupied with your challenges that you cannot stop to show mercy and good justice.

The judgement call of God is justice and to execute this is with mercy. Justice is executing things in the best possible way. Even though a person falls short of the law, how do you execute the person’s judgement (justice)? Justice is executing in love void of condemnation. When you chastise, do this from a position of love and empathy.

2 Cor 1:4

God is intentional about working His justice and mercy through us. You cannot comfort others when you don’t have empathy towards them.

The problem of the world is sound judgement, the problem of the church is justice.

In the world, there is no absolute judgement (there is no sin). If you are going by the standard of God, then you must call sin what it truly is.

Matt 6:33

There is a standard and practice we must follow, and this is God’s judgement call for life. God has judgement calls for life, health, career, living, marriage, ministry etc. The world avoids God’s judgement call.

However, the church is “judgemental”, too critical such that it applies the law of God in a selfish manner void of empathy and love. Christians have a judgemental entitlement spirit which comes from comparison. This is wrong and not of God. Wrong comparison is such that one compares oneself to another, this breeds resentment, envy and a sense of entitlement. Meanwhile God expects the right kind of comparison which is by comparing oneself to Christ (Heb 12:2) this kind of comparison breeds humility. If you focus on Christ, then you will treat everyone around you with respect.

God has called us to be people of judgement and justice. Look around you, have you treated your neighbour justly. This does not mean you excuse sin, but you show love, mercy and forgiveness.









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