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Mark 3:7-20; Rev 2:17

Identity informs your actions. Satan has always attacked identity.

Gen 3:4-5; Matt 4:1-11

The serpent attacked the identity of Eve. The promise that Satan offered to Eve of a change of identity made her to fall prey to his antics. Eve fell because she did not have a full understanding of her identity in God. Again, Satan tempted Jesus after his fast by questioning his identity however Jesus being confident in whom He is, did not fall prey to the same old tricks of the devil.

The things you have admiration for may form your identity and if you are not careful, it then controls you, for example money.

Mark 3:14

Christ appointed 12 disciples. Appointed here means created / named. Our primary form of identity is in our name. For example: Jabez

1 Chro 4:9-10

Jabez was named (identified) by the experience surrounding his birth. Jabez understood that no matter how honourable he was, he choose to change his name. Names are very key.

When we name we describe the nature of things we see / want to see. However when God names, He determines the nature of what He has seen. Every time God speaks He creates what He has seen in His mind.

Gen 1:3-4, 10, 12

God creates what He has seen. What He created was functioning according to how and what He intended it to be. God’s word is a revelation of what He created. When God creates, He names.

Eph 2:10

We are God’s workmanship. Greek word for workmanship is poema meaning poem. Therefore, we are God’s poem. When God creates He names, when He names, He creates.

Gen 1:28-29

Everything in the Kingdom has to be spiritual, if the Holy Spirit did not give you that instruction, then it is simply religion. Everything in the Kingdom has to be done spiritually first (led by the Spirit of God).

Matt 16:16-23

Even when Jesus named Peter a rock, he didn’t not manifest as a rock initially. In order to properly live in your kingdom identity, you must be mindful of your spiritual identity (what God has called you) than the words of men. In order to build an identity of who God says you are, you must be mindful of who God says you are and not whom men say you are. You can never fully understand your identity by being focused on yourself.

Mark 10:17-30

To know yourself in the Kingdom, you need to lose yourself first and follow Christ. Identity is a foundational issue.

Mark 3:14

Jesus appointed them 12 to create a new nation. Our identity is in 2 –fold; firstname and surname. We are a family of believers. You will never rise above the identity of your nation. Our greatness is in our unity. Our identity has to be both individual and corporate.

A name is only as significant as the authority it represents. Three ways by which a name can represent authority: by inheritance, appointment, accomplishment.

Inheritance: Heb 1:4

Accomplishment Phil 2:6-8; Col 2:15

Appointment: Phil 2:9-11

Our identity is in His name, Jesus.






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