Kingdom Parenting









Gen 18:17-19

Raising Godly children in this modern world requires intentional Kingdom parenting. The world is in need of sound parenting and leadership. To understand the “how to” we need to study God as the perfect parent.

James 1:16-17

A perfect gift is a complete gift. God, the gift giver also supplies grace to sustain the gift.

These gifts comes from above means your allocation in life is the allocation as a firstborn in Christ Jesus. There is “no variableness, nor shadow of turning” means God is consistent, He does not vary. God will never facilitate envy and jealousy nor confusion. When you understand the workings of your Heavenly Father, you cannot and should not be jealous of your brother. Whilst you await for the blessing to manifest in you, you need to understand that God is building the infrastructure (capacity) within you to carry the blessing.

Gen 1:26

God’s plan was to reproduce Himself in man, likewise man needs God to operate in the blessing.

Gen 5:1-3; Acts 4:13

When man fell, he produced a son in his own likeness and image. Every parent recreates themselves in their children. Your actions are bring sewed in the life of your children as seeds and they will bring forth.

Matt 10:24

You will not be educated above your exposure. What do you want to reproduce in your children?

Three things to be reproduced in us - everything must point to God

Image – God’s nature and God’s character

Likeness – God’s Behaviour

 God’s nature is love - Gal 5:6 Gen 1:28; James 1:20

If God does not reproduce His nature in you, you cannot have dominion. Human methods cannot reproduce divine results. The power that flows when you walk in love and not selfishness is demonstrated in the miracle of feeding the five thousand multitude. Jesus showed compassion on the multitude and His love nature invoked a miracle that fed the multitude with a little boy’s lunch. In comparison to when Jesus was tempted of the devil and provoked to turn stone into bread – here Jesus was not self-centred (despite his hunger), he did not turn stone to bread. However when a situation arose later to demonstrate his selfless love, he miraculously fed the multitude. Faith walks in love. Do everything possible to ensure that nothing affects your love walk.

God’s characterJohn 4:34

Ensure to value what God values and care for whatsoever He cares for. Jesus valued His Father’s values. Jesus was occupied in securing the salvation of others. The character of God is “I will not be blessed at the expense of others”. God gave us His son so that we can become saved. If you are mindful of being a blessing, God will ensure that you are blessed. Faith works when you get for God and not for self. Prov 4:1-5 Solomon was taught to value wisdom because his father, David also valued wisdom.

God’s behaviourEph 5:1-2; John 5:19-20

Be an imitator of God. It is your responsibility as a father to show (you reproduce your likeness by showing/modelling) wisdom, sound teaching and living to your children.

What are your children / wards seeing you do?

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