Kingdom Parenting II – Building walls in the Lives of our children








Neh 4: 17-23; 6:15-16

God has given us seed to empower and to protect. One of the ways to empower and protect is by building walls around the delicate seeds to protect them.

Wall of Identity – Do not despise your seed neither allow men to despise your seed 1 Tim 4:12

Let your children know who they are and what God has blessed them with. Whatever God has blessed you with, until you have used it, you cannot attach value to it. Potential released increases value.

Spiritual Walls – Build spiritual walls for your children. Speak right words to you children to build their spirit. The fact that a growing child does not respond to your words immediately, keep speaking because as the child grows, their spiritual capacity continue to be built up from inside out. Likewise, you can speak to objects and circumstances, you say what you want to see.

Nehemiah means comforter, He is a typology of the Holy Spirit in the scriptures; until He came the Jews had been trying to build the wall for 52 years, however when he came, the same wall was built in 52 days.

Wall of Character

Children don’t do what you say but what you do. Therefore, you need to build your own character. Character is unchanging, stable, consistent and dependable. For example, the Sun and Moon, Seasons of the year have character. Your response to character is trust. It takes time to build character. Character is a product of time and we respond to character by trust.

Psa 146:3; 118:8; 2 Cor 12:9

Man inherently lacks character, however, the more man acknowledges his weakness, the more dependent he becomes on God, the stronger he becomes.

Mal 3:6; Heb 6:18-19

The key to being people of Character is not by how much you can believe and depend on God. There is an anchor that goes beyond the veil, therefore you cannot define the strength of a man by his result or resources. The strength of a believer’s character is in God.

Matt 5:45

Character has a source, God.

Phil 4:11-13

Character remains the same in all circumstances. You should not be defined by what you have but by the God within you.

In God, effort is more important than performance. Excellence is not in the fact that you impress others but that you put in maximum effort per time. When you anchor on God, He grounds you with His values. God’s values are those things that define Him e.g. Holiness, Kindness, Peace, Justice, Love etc. Therefore, your values is what defines you as a person.

John 6:38; 4:34

Jesus’ value was to do the will of His father. Moses value system was the presence of God. Solomon’s value system was wisdom. What value system are you presenting to your children?

Gen 1:26-28

The image of God is God’s nature i.e. His love and character. Character comes before dominion. Until character is formed, dominion will not follow. Dominion (power) must be housed within the walls of character.

Eph 3:20

It is to the extent you allow the spirit of God to work within you that you will experience dominion. How much are you allowing the Holy Spirit work with in you, beware that you truncate the scope of God’s blessings for you.

2 Pet 3:9

If God blesses you with what you want, it will destroy you. The only reason He has not given you yet is until you come to a place of repentance (maturity). The moment you conform into that image, the blessing will manifest.

Character means integrity, the same person in the closet and in public. Determine to build your private persona.

Wall of Discipline

A child is programmed through play not work. They function best in an atmosphere of play not work. When as parents in the name of discipline, you are delegating adult responsibilities to them, this builds resentment. Discipline MUST be age appropriate.

Prov 22:6; 29:15

A rod is not only talking of cane or any form of physical punishment. A rod is a measureable standard of behaviour that a child is held to. Some examples of rod are good manners (greet your elders), allocated time to study, Tv / games screen times etc. The purpose of a rod is to steer sheep in a direction. A rod is also a standard of punishment that is consistent and not habitual. Children must adhere to discipline and the rod. Children understand the rod and not grace.

Wealth flows from power base to power base. Discipline is creating a power base for wealth to flow from generation to generation. Discipline creates a structure.

Poverty is not a generational curse but a generational thinking pattern.  A generational thinking pattern is a stronghold which can be pulled down. What kind of thinking pattern are you building around in your home?
















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