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Neh 4:14-23

Vs 17 ….with one hand, he worked and the other hand, he held the weapon in warfare by fasting and prayer.

God has called every parent to empower and protect their seed. This is because every blessing God will give you is for you and your children. When God blesses a man, your lifetime is not enough to maximise the blessing; God’s blessings are eternal, He blesses to a thousand generations.

Gen 18:18-19

We empower and protect our seed so that we can preserve the blessing of God for generations to come. The way you ensure that you operate in generational blessing is to empower and protect the children in the way of the Lord.

1 Sam 2:28-30

Wrong stewardship aborts God’s blessing in the family. As parents we have to teach our children what defines us. Education is good, but the principal thing is your faith in God first. Whatever God gives you is a gift to you and your children.

Psa 112:1-2

To empower our children is to recognise and nurture the seed of greatness in them by creating an environment that sustains growth. Anything you delight in, you will share! Mighty means to have capacity, strength and power. To be blessed means to be empowered to prosper. It is the delight that you have in the word of God that makes you desire to share with your children. Therefore, parenting starts with yourself first, you cannot share what you do not have. Abraham shared his experience with his children that he shared with his children and generation.

Psa 1:1-3; Prov 2:1, 3:1, 4:1, 5:1, 7:1

David was a man that delighted in the word of God and he shared it with his son, Solomon. The environment that sustains growth is the word of God. Where the word of God is, there is no limitation in life, life is ever progressive.

2 Kings 10:1

Ahab sent his children to elders who also trained them, an environment of growth is not one of convenient, comfort or ease but an environment that challenges you.

Deut 7:1-4

To protect is to disable and remove negative influence that will negatively affect the child. Sometimes, removal is an act of blessing to preserve the blessing within. When God removes us from what we perceive to be a blessing, sometimes this is an act of mercy (a demonstration of the insight and wisdom of God). At times, God takes away things so that he can preserve us. May God give us the boldness to chastise our children, therein is love in action. Whatever is vexing your soul is also vexing your children too, you need to take action.

Prov 25:28; 22:15

Walls are structures and boundaries that protect and house the deposit of God’s greatness in our lives and those of our children to facilitate an environment for growth. Walls protect the seed / skill / talent / intelligence / unique ability to preserve the gifting. That is why a city without walls is vulnerable, prone to attack. Whatever is not dealt with (killed) will grow. Discipline is something that is developed early in a child. Self-control has to be nurtured and developed. A person without self-control is open to destruction.

Psa 122:7

Walls allow work to progress without interference. When as parents we build walls around children, this gives you room to build towards growth. Peace of walls allows things to spring forth within. The key is we want to growth the seed of greatness that must comfort from within.

These walls include:

  1. Walls of identity, esteem and validation
  2. Spiritual walls
  3. Walls of discipline
  4. Walls of understanding authority

Walls of identity esteem and validation - Gen 1:26-28; Matt 3:17; John 6:63; Jer 1:5

God made man for dominion and declared to man to take dominion. Man didn’t need to prove anything to God to get the dominion. Adam first knew he had dominion because God told him FIRSTHAND. Likewise, the first thing every child must have is an identity and validation by the parent. This guarantees self-esteem. A child does not need to prove to you that he is worthy of your love and adoration. Every child must be validated by the parent FIRST. God endorsed Jesus too. We must build walls of identity esteem and validation. Every word you speak to your child must be words of addition, value, develop their esteem. Make no room for comparison.


Spiritual walls – Luk 1:80; 2:40

Man is a spirit, he possesses a soul and lives in a body. This means man in his true essence, is ageless, he is an eternal being. Likewise, our children regardless of their age, are eternal before God. Every spirit has ears that was why God spoke to man to be fruitful even though he had not being form yet at the time because the spirit man could hear God. Therefore, every training given to a child, though a child might not be fully ready, believe this, the training will form and fortify their spirit man. They might not understand at the time but the word is taking root within. Beware of an abusive environment because this forms within, so also when a child is in the correct atmosphere of the living word (right environment) this develops the child’s capacity within – a strong spirit is developed within. Children need to develop spiritual walls.

Heb 11:24-27

When our children are fortified with a strong spirit, they will see the one who is invisible, they will catch the revelation of Christ.

PRAYER – Receive of Him, the grace to be responsible parents. Lord help us to build the right walls around our children.

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