Liberation from Graveyard spirit


What is the power of the graveyard spirit?

When you are operating under the graveyard spirit, you cannot fulfill God’s purpose.

You are alive but nothing seems to be working. Acts 17:28. However, we are meant to be alive in all areas of our lives.

What does the graveyard spirit do?

  • It attacks your glory

The graveyard spirit monitors the glory of a man’s life to attack it.

It followed the revelation given to Joseph to attack it by sending him into slavery and prison. But he emerged as a Prince.

Gen 49:22-26. Even Jacob recognised that Joseph’s glory was attacked.

1st Cor 2:8  Jesus, the giver of life, was attacked by the grave yard spirit. He was killed so His ministry will be cut off. However, He arose. So will you.

  • It is persistent

John 12:10. The graveyard spirit does not give up. It tried to kill Lazarus again. When you face issues in life, address it.

Jer 20:17. The spirit of the grave can follow a person from the cradle.

  • It introduces death

Mark 5:2-16. The power of the grave can drive one to experience death all around. The demoniac lived amongst dead people but when he experienced the power of the Resurrection, his life changed.

How do combat this spirit?

  • Hosea 13:14 If you are going through an unfruitful situation, all you need is a heart of faith to believe the power of God over graveyard spirit.
  • You may be using physical means to fight off the graveyard spirit. It requires spiritual warfare.
  • 1st Sam 30:8. If you have prayed and fasted with no results, you need to pray a prayer of enquiry. When David enquired of God, he received stress-less recovery.

Running away or covering up your issues may work short term but not for long. Remember Samson who had persistent issues with lust.

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