Love is in the Bottle








John 4:1-19

Gen 2:10; Isa 58:11; 44:3-4

A well-watered garden is a life of growth, productivity, progression and fulfilment. The water comes in different dimensions and supplied differently. There is the supply of well, river and the rain of heaven. These are the supply of the spirit. Water signifies the Holy Spirit.

Well dimension – this is a supply of the spirit that is for you. You source this via revelation. It is the revelation that becomes working knowledge. Wells are dug, wells are things that you draw out virtue from. Every time you dig from the word of God, there is a supply of the river of God that begins to flow in your direction,

Deut 29:29

There is a revelation that we would come into that becomes working knowledge and we can pass on as a legacy to the next generation. So that your children would run with it as an established practical understanding and culture.

Phil 2:13

The more you dig, the more of the water you are able to draw out. God take us deeper so that we can recognise our need for a deeper dimension of Him, so that a supply of His spirit can flow into you.

Psa 139:14

Your issues as a person makes more space for the supply of the spirit. Your issues are there to generate thirst for God to generate a flow of His water to you.

River dimension – this speaks of the flow of the spirit through you.

John 7:38

Psa 1:3; Gen 2:8; Eze 47; Rev 22

There were 4 rivers that flowed out of Eden. As you occupy your position in God, there are 4 dimensions of rivers that would flow through you to others (i.e. influence, increase, fruitfulness, might etc). The river is for service.

Rain dimension – speaks about the outpouring of the spirit. The rain is a response to the breaking of your depth. Rain is a response to a cry. If the ground does not cry out for rain, rain will not fall.

Gen 7:11; Hosea 2:21-23

You would only maximise the outpouring of the spirit i.e. the supply of rain when you have a well and you have a river that flows through you. The outpouring of rain makes your challenges to have minimal effect on you. When rain falls and you have a well, water rises and your challenges become insignificant. The supply of the water of the spirit is the answer to every challenge that we have within us.

The supply of water is the answer to every life issue/challenge.

John 4:7; Gen 29

Every relationship will place a demand on your water supply. You are as relevant in your relationships to the extent that you can alleviate their thirst. There is an introduction that comes after you have alleviated a thirst around you.

Favour will respond to the supply of the spirit of God in you.

Prov 13:22; Gen 21:14-15

The power of the revelation of the spirit that comes to you (dug) is enough to sustain your lifetime. The water you get from another will not be enough for you, you need to draw your own water.

Gen 21:19-20

What inheritance did Abraham leave for Ishmael? The bottle/vessel.

Gen 24:10-18

Rebecca had a vessel that she drank from. Likewise, you are God’s vessel. It is only with your own vessel that you can feed others from.

John 4:7-8

When through your life, you are able to process God word (the supply of the spirit), you will be able to serve others beyond racial barriers. All men will flow to you. The language of the spirit is universal.

Acts 2:11; John 4:10

God’s gift is as water. God’s spirit is activated with recognition. Your relevance is that Jesus is the well, we carry the pitcher/vessel that men drink from. It is your vessel that makes you relevance. Every demand that comes to Christ, He uses you to reach men to quench their thirst for Christ.

John 4:15-18

Let Christ be your focus, as you please Christ, you alleviate thirst in your relationships.

Your bottle is the sum total of your competence, influence, experiences. It is good enough to draw from the well of life in Christ. The content of your bottle/vessel is your relevance.

God is seeking vessels that He would use to alleviate thirst in our communities, nation, families, etc.

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