Maximising Your Prayer Life








Luke 22:40-46

Prayer is always a cry for divine intervention. Prayer is a posture, not just in the words that I need divine intervention. Our flesh is limited, prayer always us to surrender our vulnerabilities to God. Prayer says I trust you more, Lord please take the lead. In prayer God does not assist, God’s help is in leadership, He takes over as the Captain of the ship.

Prov 3:5-6

In all your ways acknowledge Him and He (God) will direct your path. Prayer is not in you making God do things for you, rather prayer allows God to do what is best for you.

John 12:27

There are times when your prophetic destiny is tied to the very thing that you don’t want to do. It is not for God to deliver you from that situation but for God to glorify Himself in that situation.

Matt 7:7

3 dimensions of prayer - Asking / Seeking / Knocking

Gen 28, 32 When you ask you receive answers to what you requested.

Ezra 8:21 To seek God means to pray (seek) for direction in your journey of life.

Psa 24:6 There is a generation that God desires to seek Him.

Gen 46:1-4 You should always make your choices based on where God is carrying you to.

Knock – Jesus is the door. People are also doors. Your gateway to your prophetic destiny is a “person”. The knocking is the instruction you must adhere to for that door to open to you i.e. knocking is the “how-to” (instruction).

Josh 6:1-4

True prayer engages all of your faculties, there is always an instruction from God on how to access our prophetic destiny. Jesus said I do what the Father tells me.

How to maximise your prayer life?

Prayer must be private to develop intimacy with God. It is in intimacy that you discover the mind of God for you, there you discover your prophetic destiny. You can catch a flame in cooperate prayer but it is in private prayer that you sustain the flame. Intimacy with God is always built-in prayer. The more you open up to God, the more He opens up to you.

Psa 139:23-24; Heb 4:12-13

Prayer will always reveal to you your vulnerability.

Luk 22:41-43

Jesus’ private prayer revealed His vulnerability before God. Speak to God first before talking to men. True counsel will always align with God’s counsel. In prayer, your vulnerability receives strength from God. Intimacy determines understanding. The difference between understanding God’s ways and waiting for His acts reveals your level of intimacy with Him.

John 5:38-40

When you study the word of God without prayer, when you study the word in prayer, it reveals to you. When you have engaged in prayer, when someone speaks God’s word, it would resonate with your spirit. Prayer sees the objective mind of God for the world and sees the subjective mind of God for your life. People who don’t pray seek the prescriptive word of God rather than to seek God’s word for them personally.

Pray daily to maximise your prayer life.

Dan 6:10; Luk 23:39

Daily prayer perpetuates a life of sustained dominion. Destiny is a product of the habit you practice. Daniel was able to dominate Babylon due to his prayer life.

Psa 55:16-17

A habit of prayer produces a life of victorious destiny.

Give yourself to protracted prayer. Invest time in prayer.

Mark 14:37

When you engage in at least an hour of prayer, you would respond correctly. 3 hours of prayer will align you with God’s mind for your destiny. When you engage in prayer for a lengthy time, you receive God’s perspective on every situation.  

Prioritise Prayer

Luke 5:16

There are seasons of your life you engage in protracted prayer. Another season may come where you may not have that length of time to pray, however, you must always prioritise prayer. You must be intentional in scheduling time to pray.

Create a place for prayer. Find a solitary place to pray.

Develop a prayer culture. Let the Lord minister to your spirit.

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