Mothers' Day


Today’s world does not represent the godly way of living. To train up a child, you need to be trained yourself.

Training a child is a continuous process. It’s not adhoc or one off. Training starts from Day 1. You train a child so that when you are not there the child will still do as trained.

To train a child is to give the child back to God.

Surround your kids with godly people, i.e., people who share the same views and understanding as you do.

It’s a mistake to think that children will pursue God just because you took them to church. You need to make them understand that church attendance is not commitment to itself but a way of way of life and loving God.

Children closely observe parents as they live. In the books of Kings, references were often made to the mothers of the kings. Reading through both books, shows that kings were more likely to be godly when they had a godly mother.

Children are specifically sent to specific parents because God has deposited resources in you to pass onto the children. Therefore, ask God to give you a vision for your child(ren).

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