Phil 4:6-8

2 Tim 1:7; Heb 11:7

Fear is not a natural thing for a spiritual man. In the beginning, man was created in God’s image and likeness; God fears nothing, so should man! However, sin came in and reduced man from his glory realm of dominion in God to fear. Man became a fearful being seeking only survival. Fear is a natural consequence of the fall of man to aid his survival.

That fear is natural doesn’t mean it should be natural for a believer in God. The believer is a spiritual being 1 Cor 2:12-14. Being natural is a limitation to a believer; fear is a hindrance because it always introduces doubt into every situation. God always thinks of dominion whilst fear thinks of survival.

A believer’s right response to fear is PRAYER. Psa 127:1 Prayer doesn’t just change things but most importantly, it changes YOU. Col 1:16 Every physical fruit has a spiritual root. When you engage in prayer, you become more conscious of the invisible. Everything you will ever believe God for is already done, the question is – Are you at God’s wavelength to access His provision for you. Prayer moves you from doubt to faith.

Prayer is a 2-way communication. You don’t just do all the speaking, you also engage in understanding God’s language through studying His word (the Bible). Answers are only available in the faith realm.

The faith realm is a realm of victory, solutions, answers and ideas. There, the atmosphere for miracles and breakthroughs exist Mark 5:22-41.

The essence of faith is in potency not in volume.

The faith realm is a realm of rest. Rom 4:19-21; Heb 3:18 - 4:3,6,11 Resting on the word of God means you are fully persuaded; being foolish enough to believe and act on God’s word absolutely. At this point, you not only believe the word, you accept it to be your true reality.

 To live in dominion, you also need to engage by praying in the Holy Spirit Isa 28:9-11; Rom 8:26-28. Once you’ve built up your faith, whatever God has said becomes possible.

2 Cor 10:4-5 Prayer deals with strongholds.

Believe God’s promises in your mouth as you are the first prophet of your life.

Prayer is to journey you from fear to faith through praying in the Holy Spirit and word study. Through faith and patience you obtain the promise. Stay in the word, it’s a process 2 Cor 3:18.

God’s promises are Yea and Amen!

Don’t be afraid, only believe!

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