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Deut 1:1, 6; Luke 4:1-14; Matt 4:11

Angels ministered to Jesus, and He returned in the power of the Spirit simply means wherever there is angelic presence, principalities and powers sense this too.

Jesus was filled with the spirit and also in perfect communication with the spirit and was led into the wilderness.

Perfect communication leads people into wilderness experience. In time past, we have believed that if you are in a wilderness, as a result of a wrong doing. A wilderness experience is never a place of rest but a transit point and a place of preparation that is not enjoyable but necessary for growth. The wilderness experience is God’s exam of life to prove His word in your life. The wilderness experience can range from the loss of a job, poor health, marital challenges etc.

Therefore whatever wilderness experience you have is not a problem but a season of growth and promotion.

Why would God allow a perfect communication to take you to wilderness?

2 Cor 4:17

This is because you have a destiny within you, and the wilderness experience is a preparatory ground to build you up. You know that you are on a destination for glory when you meet affliction on your way. Persecution must always try the word of God within you.  The wilderness is a necessity to prove your capacity.

Exo 13:17-18

It is either warfare or wilderness. The wilderness prepares you for the warfare that is ahead. There is no land of peace while you are on earth. A generation that has not being built for war, is trained by God through the wilderness. The training is where you learn to depend on God and look away from self-capacity. After every wilderness comes war before conquest, however victory is sure in God.

God builds us in capacity through the wilderness. Why the wilderness?

Exo 5:1 – God intends to teach us worship

Feasts of worship – Passover, firstfruit, in-gathering. A feast in Israel is a worship coronation unto God. When God says He want to teach you to worship Him, this simply means He wants to give you a heart of worship rather than the “acts” of worship i.e. singing songs. A heart of worship is a heart that is singular towards Him, i.e. you become totally dependent on Him. For example, in the wilderness the children of Israel learnt to depend on God for absolute survival i.e. sustenance (manna, clothing etc). If man does not disappoint you, how would you look up to God! When you keep looking unto man, you limit yourself, your focus should be singular on Him.

God intends to build capacity

Anytime God wants to increase your capacity, He has to break you. Walls are symbols of dependency, stability as well as limitation. When God breaks you, His intention is to bring about expansion. When God begins to break you, suddenly you begin to question what you believed, because there is a yearning for new knowledge. New knowledge is required for where you are going to. The main agenda is about building capacity – you unlearn the knowledge that you used to have and develop new knowledge. The key to your breakthrough is your knowledge. If your mind is not renewed, you will not recognise your breakthrough. For the children of Israel saw giants in Canaan and were afraid, however Caleb saw the same giants and believed he could conquer. If your mind is not renewed, you will not be able to receive the NEW. You cannot pour new wine into old wine skin.

To contend and defeat what dealt with the prior-generation

In the wilderness you do not respond by how you feel but by the word. The same thing that the children of Israel despised (i.e. manna), Jesus conquered by the word. Your wilderness is where you defeat what defeated your prior generation. This is why when you are going through things, do not respond with the flesh but be led by the spirit. Although hungry, Jesus rather than turn stone to bread, he responded with the word.

Helps you learn not to circumvent the process

Matt 4:5; Phil 2:5-9; Heb 10:35

A lie of the devil is to try to tempt a believer to jump steps. Until you pass through the cross (process), you cannot wear the crown. The process God takes us through will deliver the fullness of the promise of God, however when the devil fast-tracks your process, it is not a promise but a trap! Anything you do in the flesh, is basically extending the experience. The wilderness helps you come to an understanding that you are not ready and you need to engage in your process before you can be launched.

Matt 4:6; James 4:7

Angels only harken to the voice of God’s word.

As long as you want to prove a point and not submit to the word, you are working outside the will of the Father. You submit to God by submitting to His word. This is how you resist the devil.

Deut 1:1,6

Instructions are the most important thing to hear in your wilderness experience. It is more important that you hear God than you murmuring to Him about your problems. Pay more attention to hearing God than bearing your heart.

The wilderness is a transit station and not your rest point therefore, you should never settle there. While at the wilderness, you must pay attention to your assignment, the timing and the location. It does not matter how your process is, the important thing is there is a promise that you must arrive at.

The wilderness is not a place to pay attention to your appetite, it is not about what you want but where God is taking you to. Because all that seems to attract you at the wilderness (transit) is also available at the place of your promise. Do not be led by your flesh because you could get trapped in the wilderness longer than God had planned for you.

Hab 2:1

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