Luke 6:38

 Jesus encourages us to give. As opportunity presents itself, spend yourself in time and service to others, speak an encouraging / uplifting word, be a listening ear, offer support, and give gifts and material blessings. With the same measure you deal out, you receive.

Psalm 90:12

There is a distinctive difference between “numbering our days” and “our days being numbered”.

Our days’ being numbered simply means counting down on the clock of life, looking forward to a holiday, milestones, targets etc. However to number our days is to be intentional in how we spend our time here on earth, ensuring that we value every opportunity. Making a difference to someone at every chance we get, ceasing every moment to glorify God and expressing the compassion and love of God to our neighbours.

Value your time. Be intentional in your giving.

Learn to serve, seek to reach out to others first. In doing this, you set a pattern for others to follow after. Be the example! As Christians, we must set the standard for the world to follow. Express grace, love, compassion, kindness, mercy, integrity etc, for this is the measure you ought to give out to others.

Make a difference regardless! You possess something you can do best that no one else can do. We need to invest ourselves in:

  • Real relationships not only on virtual ones as twitter, facebook, instagram etc.
  • Family – spend time with loved ones.
  • Sponsor a child – give someone a chance in life.

What pattern are we setting as the body of Christ? We have a measure that we can give to the world around us. Tell everybody about Jesus.

Growth is daily, change is daily. Let us run with intentionality and purpose.

Don’t let any day go-by without making a difference in someone.

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