Gen 18:1-14

God wants our eyes to be opened to opportunities that will come our way. We are all coming into a season of tremendous opportunity, as you enter into this season, may you see and use the opportunity well.

Gen 18:1

God came to Abraham on a day, an ordinary. God is always supernatural but not always spectacular. The result of God will always defy nature, goes beyond what nature can deliver. When you are in God, you break every limitation in the natural. The things of God are beyond what you can imagine. By the word of God (the Supernatural God), Sarah conceived in old age. You may not walk on water like Jesus, or see a burning bush like Moses, but your own experience / breakthroughs does not mean that God is less in your situation. Appreciate the supernatural nature of God and do not despise that He may not always deal with us in a spectacular way.

The defining occurrence in your life may not always be a spectacular incident but you will see the supernatural hand of God in it. Your next level is always linked to where you are, don’t look beyond yourself, just look around you. Focus on God to access His direction for you.

Exo 3:1

Where you are is good enough, what God is doing is a significant thing, stay with HIM. Pay attention to the people around you, do not despise the people on your level because they are the people who God may use to decorate your life. E.g. Joseph and the King’s cupbearer in the prison, Rebecca and Abraham’s servants. Your action is an answer to some else’s prayer…..Rebecca served water to the camel’s of Abraham’s servant. God’s blessing might not always present itself in a spectacular way.

Gen 13:18; 18:1

God appeared where Abraham had built an altar long ago, there God appeared and brought a blessing. Every time you appear at your altar of prayer, God is always there even when it doesn’t seem like it. Never despise your altar. God will meet with you at the point of obedience. The steps of a righteous are ordered by the acts of obedience.

John 2:5

The supernatural capacity of God is carried by His word. The supernatural nature of God is not in a move, but in the spoken word of God. His supernatural nature is in His word. God’ supernatural nature travels through His word.

What does the word of God minister to us?

2 Cor 9:10

Every word comes in the form of either as seed to sow or bread to eat. Every word is an opportunity to do good works, to be a blessing. Bread is the outcome of the opportunity that you took.

2 Cor 8:2; Psa 16:11; Col 3:1

When you are in a season where your resources (money, time) is not enough, this is a seed season and God expects you to sow regardless. When God says be fruitful, this means you have seed and He expects you to plant it. If there is no planting, then there is nothing for God to increase, therefore do not expect a harvest. When you are more mindful of the presence of God than your situation, joy flows regardless. When you set your mind on things of the earth, you will always see disadvantage but when you focus on God, you will never see your limitation. As a child of God, when you constantly look at your flesh, you are neglecting your Heavenly account. You can access this account by faith. Faith is a response to opportunity.

2 Cor 4:18; Prov 23:4

The desire of a child of God is not to be rich but to be a blessing. Every child of God has a potential to have a harvest. Dominion is about maximising seed and seed is opportunity. The kind of seed sown is dependent on the kind of land you find yourself. He that ministers seed to the sower will minster the opportunity that resonates with the land. Whatever opportunity God gives you is what you take.

Heb 11:3

Seed is the opportunity God opens to you, not your gifting or talent. The seed in your life is not limited to your potential. At times opportunities presents itself as a problem. The action you take in the opportunity that is presented will determine the way your world (life) is framed.

Deut 28:13

Your confession leads to an action that will frame your world.

2 Cor 9:8

You give not because you think you have, but because you are responding to God who says you have.

Rom 4:19; Heb 13:2

Abraham’s confessions created an opportunity. Everything God gives is enough for you. Abraham’s opportunity was hospitality to “strange men”. Angels bring good news.

God has called us to be a blessing not to be a millionaire. Your seed is going to present itself as opportunity.

There’s opportunity around  you all the time, pray for eyes that can see and then use it wisely.










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