Our History

Our History

On the 10th of September 2007 six people came together on the top floor of the Junction Bar building in George Square-Glasgow for a Sunday morning prayer meeting and the next Sunday City of God Glasgow held its first ever service. The church was officially inaugurated by Pastor Mark Igiehon in October 2007.

At inception the appointed man of the house and pastor was Taiwo Ogunsanmi assisted by Olusegun Akinkugbe and Emmanuel Omuederiaye. One month after the inauguration of the church- a call to Nigeria, led to the relocation of the pastor- Taiwo Ogunsanmi; this heralded the stewardship of Olusegun Akinkugbe as the church pastor, which he is till this day

The story of the residence of the church is one that has culminated in our testimony; from the first service at Junction bar, we have moved to our sixth location at 210 Kennedy Street, Glasgow, G4 0BQ. From junction bar we moved to the Premier Inn George Square, to Park Inn Port Dundas, to the John Anderson Building in Rottenrow East, to the Graham Hills Building at the University of Strathclyde, and finally to 210 Kennedy street where we currently are and by the grace of God our permanent destination.

Regardless of our location, the Spirit of love, fun and unbridled worship has never wavered, because we have an understanding that the builder and maker of our church is not in bricks but in the presence of the Spirit of God that is within us.

Our worship locations have over the years given us the identity as the nurturing fellowship for students coming to Glasgow to study,  however for us God has placed us in the City center of Glasgow to change the spiritual climate of the land through the preaching of the word and the praise of his name.

City of God Glasgow is a parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God under the auspices of the general overseer Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.

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