Our Journey To Dominion


Deuteronomy 1: 1-8. Our journey from seeing the kingdom (becoming a Christian) to entering the kingdom (understanding your inheritance) and then having dominion (manifesting your inheritance) can be likened to the Israelites’ journey from Goshen to Canaan.

In Goshen, the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians. Before becoming a believer, you were a slave to sin, subject to being terrorised by the devil.  Romans 6: 16

A slave is subject to the whims of his master, that’s why Pharaoh could change the Israelites’’ working conditions as he liked. Although the devil can change the conditions around our lives, we shouldn’t be moved.


Exodus 1: 9 How can the Egyptians (sin) enslave the Israelites (Christians) who were stronger and outnumbered them? It was simply because the Israelites (Christians) did not know their rights. Hosea 4:6

The redemption of Israel from slavery came from the death of the firstborn of every Egyptian. Our redemption comes from the death of Christ (Romans 8:29

In Egypt, rainfall was not a given because of its proximity to the desert. People walked for miles to get water from the Nile, pour onto the ground and use their feet to knead it into the soil before they can get grow crops.


In Canaan, the Israelites (Christians) will have water from heaven. Water signifies sustenance so God is saying you will move from a place of self-sustenance to a place where He will sustain you.


Why did this journey of 11 days take 40 years? God knew they were not yet ready to claim their inheritance. Exodus 13: 17-18. God wanted to humble and test them Deuteronomy 8: 2- 5.  The bible says the meek shall inherit the earth. A translation of meek in the Greek text is discipline. Our inheritance is tied to our discipleship. Discipleship is tied to brokenness. Brokenness is a process of mind renewal and transformation! Romans 12:2

The distance between a wilderness experience and kingdom dominion is directly proportional to the time it takes you to be renewed and transformed. Failing a test is evidence that you are not ready for the next class. They could not enter Canaan until they passed that test

God wanted man to realise that his focus should not be on the visible but the invisible- His word. When they asked Jesus how should we pray what did He say? “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name”.  This means giving praise in recognition of who He is and not what He has done. “Your kingdom come”. This means establishing His will on earth in every situation (dominion). “Give us this day our daily bread”. Daily bread comes after praise and dominion. Whilst it is important it should not be at the top of your priority list. Matthew 6:33

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