Pain and Disappointment: A Recipe for Favour








Ruth 4:11; Gen 29:18, 31-35; 30:22

Rachel and Leah did not realise that what they went through will become references of blessings on the earth.

Jer 29:11; Ecc 3:11

True favour can never be interpreted in the moment, but must be interpreted from an eternal perspective.

Never reduce favour to material blessings. Gauge favour by who you have, you have God, the ultimate.

Leah and Rachael became martyrs and symbols of strength, despite the circumstances of their lives were of pain and sacrifice.

Gen 29:18, 31

Favour in one area will substitute for disappointment in another area. Don’t amplify your disappointment so much that you are blind to the favour of God in your life. Rachael enjoyed the love of her husband but lacked the favour of children, while Leah had children but lacked the favour of the love of her husband.

2 Cor 12:7-12

The strength is the strength of grace.

2 Cor 12:9

Dimensions of weakness

There is something about the blessing of God that may be interpreted as being better than others – this is an arrogance that attracts a thorn. This is the weakness. Weakness that comes less you are exalted above measure. God supplies grace for the ability to get rid of the thorn i.e. to deal with this weakness. At every season in life, God uses the thorn to humble us so that we understand that we are sustained by the grace of God.

2 Cor 8:14

In the kingdom of God, you don’t hate but you celebrate the abundance of others. It is the abundance celebrated that will supply the lack in your life. If you celebrate the grace of God in the life of others long enough that which you desire will also reflect in your life.

What comes easy to one person is what another person needs to pray for. With everything that appears like a blessing, comes with a cross. Stay with what you have, long enough it will appreciate. Never covet that which belongs to others. Life is about overcoming obstacles, greatness is measured by how and what you overcame.

Abraham is celebrated by the sacrifice and path in receiving the son of promise. Joseph is celebrated by the favour of God in his life that relocated him from the pit to the palace.

What defines the church is the persecution that we go through.

Gen 30:14-15

The point of least resistance is not what defines you, so never measure people by what comes to you easily. Never despise others cross because you have no understanding of their journey / process.

Revelation comes from pain. Everyone has a challenge; victory is not in getting in but getting beyond your challenge.

Heb 4:16

The first thing you obtain is mercy; mercy makes you know that nothing is against you. Mercy is how you think; God cleanses our heart. Mercy is a defence for your mind so that the devil does not deceive you by projecting thoughts to disqualify you.

Praise God for what you have, in spite of ALL circumstances.

Psa 102:13; Ecc 3:1, 11

The time of favour is when God turns and says its your turn. But your turn does not mean material blessing but rather that you have His attention Gen 30:22.

Your time of favour means you have gained heavens attention to birth God’s agenda. Favour is given to you to manifest Heaven’s agenda. The act of God’s favour in your life is for an eternal plan not material benefit.

Leah lived with pain and learnt to praise God through her pain, then came her first son; Judah meaning praise. Praise is not born in enjoyment but in pain – a sacrifice of pain.

Isa 53:3; John 1:11

Jesus was a man acquainted with grief, yet served God through it; He remains the favoured one.

Ruth 4:11

Ephrathah means the fruitful place, Bethlehem means the house of bread; Israel speaks of the covenant.

While waiting for Joseph, the promise, breakthrough, ministry, family, finance, child, etc can you move from being Rachael and embrace Leah (praise and service) so that you can praise and serve God in the place of covenant, that you may prosper in the place of fruitfulness and abundance.

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