Paradigm Shift








Ecc 3:1-11 We have come to a paradigm shift where things will change forever! The opportunity to achieve remarkable things has come! Windows opened and windows also closed. This is a season for a shift. The difference maker in a paradigm shift is a decision. When a man makes a decision in such a time, things begin to roll on into History.

It is God’s intention that you get the result He wants you to get in this season of paradigm shift. For example in 2 Kings 4 the widow made a decision to go to the prophet and her life was transformed forever.

The power of vision Eph 1 :17 – Vision is God revealing tomorrow today. Gen 31:10-13 Jacob made a decision. Jacob had a dream and he acted on it and His life was transformed. Wen God makes you a promise, He gives you a picture of what your tomorrow should look like. God builds tomorrow’s picture today John 16:13. Prov 29:18 Vision guarantees your future. The picture you see will create the discipline to turn your life around.


2 Principles

Firstly, Jacob made a decision to trust the principle that God had shown him through his dream. It is time for you to trust the principle in God’s word Josh 1:8. Make a decision to trust God’s word, it enables you to take advantage in the power of His word.

Secondly, ministering to God’s servant. The key to miracles is in your hands and in your roof 2 Chro 8:12; whatever you have within you (skill ability grace favour) is sufficient to turn you situation around. The Shunamite woman decides to minister to the prophet’s needs. She deployed her resources to be a blessing of the prophet. Gen 18:14 Do not be too shy to express your matter to God, HE is able.

Matt 25 The key to your harvest is in the life of someone you can help.


God functions by faith Matt 9:21-22 - The woman with the issue of blood made a decision to find Jesus for her healing. The key of faith is a key to unlock the things only your heart has imagined and acted on. When you decide today to believe God then you will experience the impossible.

Confronting reality with the power of prayer 1 Chro 4:9 – Jabez had a history of trouble that he cannot explain, something about him attracts sorrow. Jabez takes the reality of his history without bitterness and confronts it in prayer unto God. He lays his heart before God, God releases a blessing in place of a curse. God never shy away from reality, He is always ready Isa 55:11. Put the word of God in your mouth and when the circumstances speak, answer to it with the word of God, never stay silent. Jabez became a blessing when he made a decision to confront reality with the power of the word.

The Key of mercy John 5:1-5, 14 - Mercy is unnecessary unless something has gone wrong. Mercy steps in when all else fails. The man at the pool of Bethesda had been there for 38 years waiting for a miracle. Jesus healed the man and then warned him saying “do not sin again less a worse thing come upon you” – note this man was not a righteous man, however God singled out the man for mercy! The man had been at the pool for 38 years, he decided not to give up.

Compassion Luke 7:1-15 – Compassion is when God by Himself decides to turn a matter around. The lady did nothing (no prayer etc). Compassion is 100% God’s action. Rom 9:15 God utilises all His resources to have mercy on whomsoever he chooses.

Pay close attention this season, watch and pray that you make the right decision where it matters.







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