1 John 4:17-20

Fear comes to all men naturally.

Anxiety is specific to every individual. At the end of fear is dominion. Satan uses fear to incapacitate your kingdom dominion. Anxiety is always personal or internalised.

Isa 51:12; 54:13 Every time you walk in fear, the end result is oppression and terror.

Fear and anxiety originates from Satan. Gen 3:10-11; 22-23

Everything that causes you fear, panic and anxiety is mere fact, however the truth remains what God says about the matter.

Which report do you believe?

Phil 1:27-28; 2 Cor 4:18

That thing that terrifies you, the moment you overcome it, it becomes eternally damned.

You don’t need understanding but faith and obedience to access what God has prepared for you. Simply act on His word by faith and you will fully experience the manifestation of His promise for you.

How can you be more connected to the truth of God’s word than the fact of life?

  1. Meditate on God’s word Joshua 1:7-8
  2. Pray

Although Jesus experienced fear in Matt 26:36-39 yet He prayed. Prayer is the first thing you need to do when you are experiencing fear. Be conscious of this pattern whilst in prayer:

  • Recognise your relationship with God, the Father.
  • Be open, truthful about your situation / circumstance.
  • Acknowledge His will as Superior.

Ps 3:1-8; Gen 15:1-17

God speaking; I will bless you regardless. Sons are eternally thankful and eternally expectant without having an ‘entitlement perspective’ in their relationship with God the Father.

Zech 9:12-13 We are not entitled as slaves, but we are sons who are always eternally thankful and expectant.

Always remember this, you can never earn God’s blessings, all you need to do is to remain eternally thankful, grateful and expectant.

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