Potiphar's house: The Incubator


Potiphar's house: The Incubator

Gen 39:1 Joseph saw his journey to Egypt as a slave as degrading but God saw it as his initiation into upgrading. 

In Potiphar's house, Joseph acquired skills but he did not dream neither did he interpret a dream. God knows that the job you are doing is not what He has called you into you but it is part of your growth.

1st Cor 10:1-2. The Israelites saw their journey through the Red Sea as a passage but God saw it as a baptism. So instead of asking "Why me?" ask God “What are you trying to show me?”

Wherever you find yourself, God is teaching you something. If you steward where you are properly, you will advance.

Job 23: 10 Gold has to pass through fire to be refined. The same fire that refines is the same fire that destroys. The difference is who is setting it. You trigger God's ways by speaking correctly.

True capacity is always built in affliction. Trials and temptations announce that it is time to grow. In times of peace, you build to prepare against the evil day.

Potiphar did not care that Joseph had a coat of many colours. Joseph had to reset his mind in his new role as a slave; however, he did not abandon his identity as a child of God. Your reality may not align with your identity but you still need to carry out the role in dictated by your reality. Life goes on. Isa 43:18

Isa 43:19. Wilderness is where circumstances drive you into. You don’t go there willingly. A desert is place with no fruit. God is saying no matter where life has driven you to and life seems futile, He is able to make you prosper.

Prosperity is not measured by what you have. In God's kingdom, prosperity is measured by who is with you. Prosperity is not acquisition but pushing forward and advancing. Prosperity means to be more aware of your state of mind (identity) than your condition (reality).

Joseph took his prosperity into Potiphar's house and Potiphar prospered. You are to prosper the land, your company, family etc.

Luke 16:9: Purpose of prosperity is to build relationships

Vs 10: Joseph served unrighteous mammon and was rewarded with true riches. In the world, you don’t need to serve; you can collude and deceive. But in the kingdom of God, the purpose of prosperity is to serve. Joseph was named Zaphnath-Paaneah which means saviour. You become a saviour by going through a process.

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