Power Must Change Hands








Acts 1:6-8; John 14:13-14

For everyone there is always the contention that power will change hands.

Acts 1:7

When will He do that which we have asked? God knows when! The key thing is not the when?

God’s when:

  1. Luke 1:5-13

The divine occurrences in your life will manifest according to His purpose not according to your desire.

Zacharias and Elizabeth were righteous before God, however Elizabeth was barren and the couple had become stricken (advanced) with age; they had gone through several “when” seasons in looking up to God. Zacharias was also a priest and yet his wife was barren. Their righteousness was what qualified them for delay, because God was looking for a righteous vessel in His plan for a forerunner to the Messiah. God’s priority in their life was about His purpose in their life concerning the birth of a forerunner (John the Baptist) for the Messiah (Jesus). Hence, the womb of Elizabeth was shut up until the Messiah was about to be born, hence John’s birth. You cannot force God’s plan for your life because the delay might just be in His plan. On the other hand, for Mary, the conception of Jesus came early because it was all in God’s divine agenda.

The divine occurrences of God are according to purpose. Your priority should be “God what are you saying”

  1. Psa 105:19

God has a timetable for the turnaround in your life. That timetable is determined by the word. Physical distance is measured with time, in the spirit realm, we measure distance with the word. Until the word of God has done a perfect work in you, you cannot move to the next level. As long as you are being stubborn to the word, you delay your turnaround.

  1. When God will deliver, He delivers like IKEA (DIY – do it yourself). Everything you are praying for, God answers with a seed, then He gives you the manual of life called the Bible and instructs you to handle and build according to the pattern in the manual. If you abuse / misuse the manual, you will not get the FULL benefit of the seed. If you are not someone that lives according to the word, you can be a believer but your life would be full of regret and unfulfilled promises.

Acts 1:8

The purpose of you being empowered by the Holy Ghost is for you to be a witness in what you are going through whilst God is changing the situation. So that you will go through your experiences such that when you share your testimony, lives would be transformed and encouraged. What makes you a true believer is that even though you are going through, you are a witness. If you are not strong within, you don’t qualify without. Being a witness means that in what you are going through, you are pointing to God’s glory.

John 12:27-28

There are somethings that God will not change because He needs you to go through. No pain no glory! Whether I get the answer I desire or not, Father, glorify your name.

Rev 1:9

Any unpleasant situation you find yourself is to prove the word of God and so you can testify that you have been with Jesus.

2 Cor 1:3-4

If you don’t go through, you cannot comfort. The Holy Spirit is the comforter and we are co-labourers in the Kingdom.

Change must happen within before it would happen without. God’s blessings come as transformation in us. Transformation is always a painful process. If you adjust within, things adjust without. The supply of the spirit is so that what you are going through does not “get” to you. Problems are prolonged because people develop bad attitudes and bitterness takes root inside. For you to be a witness means you are going through yet you have no bad attitude. For example Joseph went through as a witness hence he qualified for the palace.

Faith is measured by consistency not result. This is when power changes hands. Power changes hands when you become a witness, it goes beyond material blessings.

What goes on externally must not steal your joy.

Heb 6:12; 11:1-2, 6, 13

Don’t measure your faith by what is going on in the lives of another. The purpose of faith is to please God not to get result. The turnaround is not about how much you want it but in God’s hands. The quicker you align with God’s word for your life’s transformation, the sooner you experience God’s desired result for you.

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