Power to Behold








Isa 43:18-19

There isn’t a doubt that God does new things, if this is not true then it means God is a liar and it places God out of character. God is consistent, there is no doubt that God’s mercies are new every morning. Therefore God doing new things is an integral part of His nature; it is who He is not what He does. With God there is no probability but certainty.

Some examples of God’s nature in doing new things began in creation: God created new things; God gave humanity a new beginning through Noah; He gave Abram and Sarah new names in their generation, likewise Jacob received a new name. God does nothing that hasn’t being conceived or captured on this side of eternity, hence Isa 43:18 starts with “behold”. It is what you can see that you will conceive, you cannot handle what you have not beheld! To cease it, you must see it.

1 John 1:1

God is not creating things, He has already finished creating however, it is your responsibility to see these things as new.

Amos 3:7

Surely, God cannot do any new thing unless He first reveals it to His prophet, so God can only do what has been conceived (revealed) first. God cannot turn you into what you have not first seen. Every Artiste has an image first before it becomes a reality. Your reality is the image of your heart. Never underestimate a man with revelation, don’t measure him by his appearance.

John 5:19-20

Jesus’ capacity is based on His ability to see what The Father does. Capacity becomes dormant without vision. God cannot move outside your vision. Thank God for the victories of the past but don’t be fixated on the old, God is about to do something new; there are new territories to be conquered.

Josh 6:1-2; Heb 11:27

God placed a responsibility of seeing in you, however He holds the capacity to deliver the impossible. See, it looks impossible however if your sight can capture it, then you can defy it. It requires you seeing the impossible, beyond the achievable. There are no impossible situations, only impossible minded people. Could it be that you have allowed the situation to intimidate you because you cannot see.

Gen 13:10-17

Lot settled for less because he could not see the new, he choose based on old history not based on vision. Are you building on history or on vision? Even in the greatest discomfort, what are you seeing; it will either remain small or break-forth into something greater. Don’t let God become smaller in your eyes because of your limited vision. God’s transformative power can only travel at the speed and the length of your foresight.

Jer 1:11-12

When you begin to see well, then you have captured God’s heart. Believe it as God has said it. When you say what you have seen long enough, manifestation will become inevitable. God transforms us into what He shows us.

Prov 4:25

Your problem is not God’s ability to do something new but your ability to see the new. What is your focal point?

2 Cor 3:10-18; Psa 119:18

To behold a new thing, there must be a shift in your focus. God is challenging you to turn your focus to His word concerning you. You cannot reduce God into your inconsistency, stay in His word long enough and your life will become His reality.

You behold to become!

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