Prayer & Rest


Rest is the finished works of God in the life of a believer. A believer’s life is to implement what God has already established by partnering with God though prayer.

Prayer is a journey which leads to the destination of rest. You don’t stop praying until your life aligns with God’s finished work (rest). You win battles by praying daily so you eventually win the war which is entering your rest. Therefore, your victory is not when your manifestation comes but when you experience the peace of God. So don’t judge your progress in life by external circumstances but by the peace of God in you. 

Anxiety shows that things are not aligned so you pray to receive peace and joy which shows a shift in the spiritual. When you have peace and joy, then you are in faith and can confess rightly.

It is not your prayer that ensures your success. You are already successful by design. Your prayer only positions you to receive it. Pa 139:15-16. God is not a god of damage control.

Prayer helps you to make the right choice. The finished work of Christ is based on inheritance and not on effort. It is following God that brings us into rest. Prayer makes us sensitive to follow.

Prayer empowers you to access your inheritance. It is not everything that we have as inheritance that we are empowered to access. Where God has for you (your Canaan) is occupied by giants who can drive you out if you do not empower yourself through prayer.

Prayer gives you the supply of the spirit. Phil 1:19 The same thing that has been used to label you negatively can be turned to your glory if only you access the spirit through prayer.

Prayer is the fuel that takes you to your destination. The fact that you are stranded with no fuel does not mean your destination does not exist. Affliction hits you on your blind side. So, access fuel not when you need it but as a life pattern.  Spiritual exercises like speaking in tongues, fasting, praise giving, etc are to receive a response from God. God’s response is your breakthrough. However, remember you carry out these exercises from a victorious stand point.

Prayer changes your mindset to one of a victor and this confirms you get your inheritance. Psa 62:12 The path to rest is a perilous one but God compensates.

Access wisdom and boldness through prayer. Learn to use your time to pray especially when you are expecting.

There are 3 dimensions of wisdom:

  • Knowledge of eternal truths: You know not to be proud but to be humble.
  • Ability to make the right decisions. To rely on God and not man
  • Ability to discern he right relationships. The Shunammite woman knew Elisha was a prophet by his fruits 2nd Kings 4: 8-37

Spiritual understanding means to see as God sees. Patience is the ability to wait for what you know will surely come. Longsuffering means you wait in spite of affliction.

Choose to partner with God, through prayer, to victoriously journey into your rest (inheritance).

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