Prioritizing your relationship with God








Luke 10:38-42

Martha is a strong woman, she loves and enjoys hosting. She is the ideal hostess. Mary chooses to listen to Jesus.

Luke 10:42

Martha loves and enjoys service, she is not a lazy person. She did not find it difficult to offer her service to the Kingdom. However, she finds it difficult to watch other people not put in as much as she perceives she is. Martha simply compared her level of service with another.

Luke 10:26-38

The story of the Good Samaritan is a story of love and service without seeking a reward.

In the story of Martha, Jesus was not rebuking service but rather He loves service.

Martha felt that she was missing out in the company of Jesus, the disciples, and Mary.

Martha wished that she had more time. The truth is we would never have more time. Seize the moment and maximise the opportunity before you.

Martha was also concerned and absorbed with the desire to provide an exceptional hospitality experience to her guests, Jesus and His disciples, such that they would never forget. She was concerned about the opinions of men.

Eph 2:8-10

Every area of service is a calling that God has created and placed us into. This is what Jesus was inferring to Martha.

Martha’s service is good. What Mary had chosen to do is better. A combination of good service and passion/love/dedication to God is the best….good/better/best!

Service + devotion is best.

Martha showed hospitality. This is important in how we express the kindness and the love of God to others.

Comparison is a trap. It is a terrible thing to compare your life of service with others. Don’t spend time and energy comparing. Focus solely on the Master, Jesus. Our service should be an outflow of our love for Jesus.

Luke 10:42

Spending time with Jesus is a priority with Him. It is essential that we spend time getting to know God and setting this as a priority. The more time you spend with God, the more He desires to pour into you. It is in being around Jesus constantly that our heart is strengthened and focused on the principal thing.

In this, your life will flow out from your heart as you are conditioned from the fellowship you build with the Father.

The busier your life becomes, the closer you must get to Him.

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