Provoking exceeding grace through a lifestyle of Prayer








Eph 2:4-7; 3:20-21

God says: As a church, we are moving into dimensions that is beyond our capacity.

To provoke means to induce. Just as every advanced pregnant woman has an expected date of delivery (EDD) and requires an induction once she has gone past her EDD, likewise as a church, God is taking us into our season of induction.

Exceeding abundance means to be super abundance in quantity and superior in quality.

Grace also means that which brings delight / good fortune / charity (love).

Grace is divine enablement to operate in the power of God such that one is able to fulfil divine purpose, pleasing and acceptable to God.

Isa 2:2-3; Mic 4:1

Exceeding grace makes an exceeding great life. Exceeding grace is the life of God released into the life of a believer.

John 1:16

Excceding grace is a free-gift not by works.

Rom 11:5-6; 1 Cor 15:10

Grace gives you the opportunity to operate in the realm of God.

Grace is for service and not oppression. Grace gives you the uncommon ability to do the impossible. It is grace that is indescribable gift of God in the life of a believer.

Eph 4:7; 1 Tim 1:14-15; 1 Cor 4:7

Grace is freely given so do not boast as one who did not receive this freely.

Est 2:17; 5:8

Exceeding grace connotes divine favour. God can bypass the limitations of men to favour another. It is the finger of God in the life of a man.

Ex 8:19

To partake of the amazing provision of exceeding grace, we must engage in the altar of prayer and fasting.

Hab 2:1

In prayer, God begins to show you things that you are unaware of.

1 Tim 1:18; Amos 3:8

Engage the prophetic word of God through prayer.

2 Peter 1:19 Speak the word of God constantly.

Isa 45:11 Prophecy, speak the prophetic word God has given you.

Isa 43:18-19; Psa 91:1-16; Hosea 14:12; Psa 119:162; Matt 6:9

True prayer is about establishing the Kingdom of God on earth.

Psa 125:1

Prayer builds a believer in spite of circumstance.

James 5:13; Jer 33:3; Psa 55:17

Remember that prayer is a 2-way communication between God and the believer.

Psa 61:1-3; 65:2

Luk 18:1; 11:1; Jer 15:16

Prayer is a necessity for daily living.

Luk 8:15 Prayer i.e. the spoken word of God can be used to undo any evil pattern in one’s life.

Matt 21:13; 1 Cor 3:16-17 Your body is God’s temple. Prayer helps you to see correctly as you access the realm of exceeding grace.

Phil 4:6-8; Zech 4:6-7

Until you see correctly, God cannot perform His word.

Isa 42:14; Psa 139:16

Your reaction to the circumstances surrounding you will invoke the change you desire.

Pray -speak His word in your mouth!

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