Rebuilding the Broken Walls









Neh. 2:12-18; Neh. 3

Different groups of people built various strategic parts of the wall, as it was re-built.

God starts a restoration work in 3 stages:

  • Restores broken altars
  • Restores broken temples
  • Restores broken walls

Restores Broken Altars – Ezra 3:1

Restoring the place of your altar in private prayer, private worship, sacrificial giving and hospitality. The altar is the meeting point between God and man. Transformation begins to occur in the life of a person. The true meeting point of a person is in your heart.

Hab. 2:1

Restores broken temples – Ezra 3: 10-11

God reconnects you with the temple. Your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit and you become more aware of the presence of God in you and you desire to be connected with like persons as yourself. It is in the cooperate setting of worship that the temple of God is fully activated in the lives of believers. God restores the fellowship of a person in the temple. The same way the family is the seed of every society, so also 2 or 3 believers is seed of the seat of God’s kingdom. The alignment of 2 or 3 believers is the necessary formation to initiate the Kingdom of God in any atmosphere i.e. office, etc. The moment 2 or 3 people gather together, they have invited God’s dwelling place in such an environment.

Restores broken walls

God builds cities. In the past, cities were identified by the presence of cathedrals. Where 2 or 3 are gathered they have become the seed of the city that God wants to build. Walls defines protection, defines boundaries of the city, and preserves identity and culture of cities. City is the cluster of believers.

A city is a system of co-dependence organised by people of similar beliefs, values, cultures and systems.

Gen 4:16-26

Cain went out of the presence of God. You can either do things inside or outside the presence of God. Cain created a city that had humanist agenda, a life outside of God (ungodly and evil).

Heb 11:8-10; 12:22-23; 1 Pet 1:12

Angels desire to look into the mystery of your conversations with the Father. This is the city of God.

Rev 21:1-2; Isa 26:1; 60:18

God builds cities and the body of Christ is the city that God is building. Walls comes from the Hebrew word chomah which means joint protection. One unit cannot build an effective wall. A wall has several units joint together for the protection of a system and a cluster of people inhabiting a certain location called a city. The word salvation is from the Hebrew word Yehoshua meaning Jesus.

Prov 18:10

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run in and are safe. The tower is a strategic part of the city for vision and direction. When Jesus died He gave us redemption, when we received Him we received salvation.

Eph 2:8

Salvation is the foundation of the exercise of your faith. Your entry into the Kingdom of God is salvation through Christ.

Salvation is from the greek work soteria meaning to rescue, deliver into a new life of possibilities. When a person becomes saved, God salvages the life of that person. The life is the seed of possibilities that lies ahead of you. You are no longer subject to the rules of the life that you had prior. Within the walls of the Kingdom of God, God creates a city of wellness; you are aided to triumph in your marriage, career, finances, relationships, deliverance from prior curses and limitations etc.

Psa 107:4-7

Walls speak of systems of protection, create boundaries, protect culture within and keeps away from cultures without. Within the culture of the kingdom, certain things are acceptable, in the world certain things are rejected.

Isa 6:18; Phil 4:8

Your walls are salvation and your gates praise. Until something is praise worthy, it will not be given entry into / out of God’s kingdom. Your walls of salvation and the gates of praise scans through everything in the Kingdom to ensure that things within the Kingdom of God are praiseworthy. Anything that is not praiseworthy should be praiseworthy i.e. sickness, disease, lack, poverty, unforgiveness etc.

For walls to be broken, it means faith is attacked. Faith is the wall of your salvation. Every time your faith is attacked as a believer and you allow it to linger, it means you have lost your ground. The strength of a believer is in your wall. If your wall is broken, you can lose identity, hope, direction etc.

One unit cannot build the walls of a city. One person can give the vision but it takes a people to build it.

Phil 2:12

Every believer who is a child of God are part of the wall. The uniqueness of your expression in your calling and purpose is what ought to be reflected in your joint effort in the rebuilding of the wall. Every idea God gives you for the church, you are the answer to establishing it. If you establish and build it and engage with it, God will expand it beyond what you could have imagined.

When you begin to deploy what you have for the expansion of the kingdom, you are the answer that the Kingdom is waiting for. Understand this, we are building a Kingdom, bringing resources together and establishing God’s Kingdom. We ALL are co-labourers of the Kingdom. Jesus gave us the foundation of salvation and we now partner with Him to build the Kingdom.

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