Receiving to Manifest


Rom 8:14-19

Being a son is not gender specific. It is a title based on inheritance.

Manifestation signifies that there is something birthed in us when we believe in Christ but takes a while to become apparent. As a son of God, it may take a while before your sonship (inheritance) is manifested.

God has limited Himself to His sons. Isa 5:1. The vineyard is the earth and only through the sons will it be manifested.

Matt 13:37-39. There can’t be a harvest without the fruit (manifestation)

There are 2 types of believers: There are sons and servants (tenants)

Tenants pay the rent and expect accommodation. A son knows he can never afford the rent and is grateful for the accommodation.

When the tenant is unable to pay the rent, their expectation is shaken. A son’s expectation of accommodation is not shaken because he knows that he has done nothing to earn the accommodation.

When the tenant pays the rent and does not get the accommodation, he becomes bitter unlike a son who knows that regardless of the lack of accommodation, his father still loves him.

You need to prepare but your expectation should be on what Jesus did and not what you did. You can be a son but your manifestation can be that of a tenant.

Rom 8:15 We cry like babies Abba Father then move to the children of God (we begin to recognise Gods voice), then heirs (inheritance) which occurs at a certain level of maturity. You can then share the glory and persecution before you manifest. The manifestation of sonship requires that we die to self.

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