Receiving your inheritance in Christ


 Our inheritance in Christ is more than physical things. It is about is the abundant and everlasting life He promised.

Everlasting life starts after you get saved. It is the life that Jesus died that we might live.

Rev 5:12 These are the characteristics of that life:

  • Power: Ability to make progress regardless of opposition
  • Wisdom: Capacity to apply the solution of heaven on earth
  • Strength: Ability to hold position regardless of opposition
  • Honour: Respect bestowed on us by God because we honour Him. So man must honour you
  • Glory: Life manifesting as it should; in full bloom

Psa 139:16. This life was given by grace and not based on your actions. The life is already written. It is not lived by default. You must take a conscious action; believe and have faith in the gift, to live it.

Heb 12:23. Jesus is the 1st born so what we have is what Christ is entitled to. It is your location in the 1st born that guarantees your inheritance.

Isa 1: 19. The good of the land is already provided but for you to eat it, you have to be willing and obedient. Our possession and enjoyment of this life is dependent on our submission and obedience to God.

Dependence and maturity is expressed by submission and obedience.

  • Submission: is the state of the mind that says God lead and I will follow.
  • Obedience is the act.

You can’t force God to do what He wants to do. He knows the thoughts He has to us. He has the expected end (written end). Caleb waited 45 years to take his inheritance. It was the inheritance God chose for him and not what he chose. God is beautiful for situations.

Psa 47:4. God chose the land for Abraham Heb 11:8

God’s choice weighs the end from the beginning. Your choice is always tied to the now, not considering your legacy in life.

Numb 32: 1.The tribes of Reuben and Gad chose their land. They refused the inheritance God had for them on the other side of Jordan. They chose the land because of their many cattle so they did not cross into Canaan. When enemies came, they took their land. When we make choices on our inheritance, we tend to base them on temporal things.

Jordan signifies consecration and a boundary. As Christian, your consecration is your boundary. When you break your consecration, like Samson, women will treat you like a morsel of bread.

How do you know it is God choosing for you? You don’t need to know but just focus on following God. Caleb was not seeking his inheritance but was just following God. He didn’t choose; he followed. It is in following God you transform into your purpose.

Psa 23:3 How do you where to follow? Follow the paths of righteousness. Do whatever the word tells you to do. Don’t compromise.

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