Remember God


Psa 105:55 ways to Remember God 

  1. Remember God

People forget God in times of great success or tribulation. Remembering God should be a function of His goodness and not your situation.

Remember God's love because He cares for you by giving you life. Let it give you great courage for the future.

Psa 137:6. The circumstance of David’s life was making him forget God. So he took an undertaking to always remember God.

  1. Remember God's wonders

The breath in man is God's wonder. Man is here today and gone tomorrow. No man has control over death. It’s a price we must all pay. It is God that sustains life.

Remember the wonders God has done for you and through you. He sends you but He is the power source that brings results. Write down what God had done for you.

  1. Remember the journey of God.

The Israelites saw signs and wonders but did not understand Gods journeys so they did not enter the Promised Land. Signs and wonders may give you faith but only an understanding of the journey gives wisdom.

Deut 2:1-26. Moses reminded the Israelites about God's wonders to encourage them to take over the land.

  1. Remember the instruments and vessels of God.

Ex 32:13-14. Lev 26:42-45. Remember God’s instruments because many things you have came through them. Hold on whatever what God had committed into your hands.

  1. Remember God's promises.

Heb 6:12 No matter your situation, God's Word promises greater heights. Take time to search the word for the promises because distractions will come.

Although Abraham got to the Promised Land, he was still living in tents. Remember God’s promises so you don’t lose heart.


  • Speak more about the future
  • Focus more on what you want in God’s agenda. Don’t focus on what you don’t want.

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