Gen 6:5-22


It is time to align with the word of the season. God is resetting ALL things.

Refuse not Him that is speaking. Pay attention to the voice of God in this season. Similarly, in the days of Noah, the preacher of righteousness, the people did not pay attention to the word of God in his mouth. 

In these times, Christ is stripping away the excesses of the Church, taking away the form to reveal the true essence of the church. So that that which is precious may remain (worship, purity in spirit, intercession, commitment to the word of God), so that we can be tuned to His spirit. God is re-aligning the church with His will, purpose, plans and desires. God is re-aligning the earth in order to advance His Kingdom.

Gen 6:7

God is re-ordering and re-aligning man; turning the wisdom of man to foolish to reveal that only God is sovereign.

God is re-allocating the resources of the Kingdom.

Noah found grace, he was a just man and he walked with God. Noah was not necessarily a flawless man, but he found grace because he was connected to God, he paid attention to God, he worked with God. Similarly, we have found grace because we are born of God, we have been born through the blood of Jesus and we have become children of God. Your relationship with your High-Priest, Jesus qualifies you to become a child of God.

Gen 6:14

Noah made an ark with rooms for what was coming into the ark. Similarly Jesus through the cross has prepared an eternal habitation for us in Heavenly places. This is our location in Christ Jesus. The access into your heavenly place is in His name, Jesus. The ark was a refuge for the deluge that was coming upon the earth. The same way, Christ Jesus is our refuge in these times. Don’t call a conspiracy neither should you be afraid of the times, rather you speak the language of your lineage in Christ Jesus (the word). While the world is on lock-down, the name of Jesus is not on lock-down. Call on His name.

Gen 6:18-19

Noah was entrusted with the resources of the earth. So also Christ has been entrusted with us. The covenant of our preservation / life is in Christ Jesus. Everything that Christ has given to us, He himself will preserve for you. Do not be of the shaken, Christ Jesus will preserve you and all that He has entrusted in your care. God preserved Noah and all that He had entrusted in his care within the ark.

Gen 7:1, 5

Noah moved in Godly fear in obedience to the word of God, he did all as he was commanded of God. God sees your action in Christ. Similarly, God expects us to be obedient to the government of the nation that we live in. The church of God should not work in rebellion.

2 Cor 10:4-6

Adhere to the guidance of the land. Your obedience must be complete. God shut the ark to reset the earth.

Rom 8:26-28

The spirit of God helps our infirmity for we know not what to pray, but the mind of God. While God is resetting, you align in prayer. Pray in the spirit according to the will of God. And we know that ALL things work together for our good. Align by praying in the spirit.

Noah and his crew were locked in for 150days. Even in this lockdown, the grace of God was there. The peace of God will reign. When God does a lockdown, He supplies grace.

Gen 8:1, 20-22

The Lord remembered Noah at the end of 150 days. When this is over, we would praise the Lord and give God thanks. Because we have travelled in the realm of God’s spirit. Noah gave a sacrificial offering of all that he took into the ark. Do not stop giving. Humanity is crying out for help.

God received Noah’s offering and blessed Noah to be fruitful. The blessing is still speaking.

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