Rest in Christ's finished work









1 Cor 15:12-43
Redemption is general, salvation is personal. Redemption is a provision for all men, this is what Jesus paid for on the cross.

The life of Christ is the pattern for a believer. Part of God’s system of progression in the Kingdom is that we all would shed the Adamic nature daily by going through a death experience daily and are risen to a Christ-like nature. Death is transition from a life that was to the life that now is.

Death in time means dying to the natural world and transition to the spiritual world.
Death to the flesh means die to the flesh and alive to the nature Christ Jesus.
Death in COVID19 is a transition to the world as we used to know it and transition to the world that is becoming. COVID19 is a transition from business as it was to business as it is becoming.

Familiarity produces a false sense of safety. Faith will never be activated in the familiar. Faith operates where things are not familiar. The children of Israel lived in a familiar circumstance whilst in Egypt, however in the wilderness, they had to believe God for sustenance.

Deut 11:10-12
The church needs to go through this pandemic so that we can transit from where we were to where we ought to be in God’s agenda. Everything going on in this season is working together for good!

Post-COVID19 will be more glorious than Pre-COVID19!

COVID is a catalyst to position His church for what is to come. COVID is God’s catalyst to position the church for what is to come.

Luk 3:1-6
Position yourself, intercede, declare it, speed the word in this season. Frame your world with the word of God.

Exo. 33: 13-14; John 14:1-2; Luk 9:58; Matt 11:28
Your reality should be rest in Christ Jesus. Your dwelling place should be rest in Christ Jesus. The cross purchased rest for us at Easter, the resurrection morning.

Gen 8:1-4**
If you are in Christ, you and all your household are saved. Noah’s ark was a typology of Christ. The ark did not plunge, crash, collide but rested after the flood. At the end of the flood, the ark rested.
Be at rest, align your heart and spirit to God’s agenda. Post-COVID19 will bring you to an expected end in God.

Easter marks a new beginning in Christ Jesus, we are going from oppression to dominion; from sin to righteousness. This new beginning was not free, it was paid for in FULL by the blood of Christ Jesus. Do not cheapen the grace of God.

Rom 5:9; Eph 1:7; Rev 5:12
Christ had paid ALL the price for your redemption and salvation. You align prophetically in the word of God and prayer rather than listen to cheap lies from the enemy. When Christ died you have become entitled to every provision in Christ.

Heb 12:24; John 16:13
Your life is too expensive to be wasted, Christ has made every provision to protect you. The blood of Jesus is our voice in the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is hearing what the blood of Jesus is speaking. Wherever your name is called in this season, the blood of Jesus will speak for you beyond where you have no access or know no man. 

The shedding of blood of Jesus has broken the works of the devil, including COVID19.
Israel went into the wilderness as slaves but emerged victorious and redeemed as a Nation.

1 Cor 15:35-42
We are emerging in this season. Your post-COVID version is an upgrade of your pre-COVID self. The power in the blood of Jesus has made this your reality.

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