Ezek 37: 11-14 The Word of God is like a buffet fully given and laid out. It is left to you to partake of it by personifying and speaking it for yourself.

Joel 2: 25-26 In God’s kingdom (His way of doing things), restoration is always better than the original.

What is restoration?  God restores you to where you should be & not where you stopped. Prov 6: 30. Sevenfold is not just a number, it is the number of perfection.  Seven (7) signifies perfect restoration.  For instance:

  • The latter wine tasted better than the former.
  • The Prodigal son left as a tyrant but returned as a blessed son.
  • The latter end of Job was better than the former

Why is restoration better than the original? Because restoration is a product of grace whilst the original was under the curse of the law. The original thing you got was received at a deficit.

God restores you to where you should be. When God restored Joseph, He did not restore him back to Jacob’s house but to the palace; which was where he should be.

When God restored man, He restored man in Christ and not Adam. Jesus died to take us to where Adam was going to and not where Adam was. Adam ate from the wrong tree. The tree of life was the symbolism of Christ and should have been the first tree to be eaten. Therefore God restored us to here Adam was going to i.e., Life.

Why does God allow loss? Because what was lost was already in deficit. The sovereignty of God means we need to trust Him in full. God allows loss so we can gain things by grace. God’s allowance of loss is a show of mercy so he will bring to pass what He has always intended.

The glory of a Land ranger is in rough terrain. Driving it in smooth roads within the city is underutilising it. Maximise your glory in Christ. Because we are now in Christ, we have more than the prophets of old.

How do you get restoration? The grace that brings restoration is in response to a need or desire. Restoration comes in provocation, a need and desire that compels you to birth things in prayer. Samuel was a product of provocation. A single Samuel can justify several years of barrenness.

1st Sam1:10. Another word for prayer is travail which is what a woman does when she is in labour.

Job 42:10-11. Restoration comes as a seed. It doesn’t start at the level that you want it.

When God starts to restore, little things should be valued. In your loss, there will be at least one person involved either to help or discourage. The 1st step in restoration is to learn to forgive. Un-forgiveness hinders God from moving.

When God restores to you, He uses relationships. Job's friends did not encourage him whilst he was down, however, he prayed for them. All his family also came, where were they when he was low? However, he forgave them

When Job gave a feast for friends and family, he was making an avenue for healing. An avenue for them to offer their apologies and for him to release any bitterness against them. Value every relationship.

Joel 2:25. God restores time.  God will restore time though your labour. Time is measured by labour. The locusts etc ate the product of the Israelites years. God will restore also using your labour. So they had to sow again but the harvest from one year of labour brought  ten years of harvest.

In Christ, mercy prevails over judgement so even the lawful captive finds freedom.

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