Run Towards The Impossible


2016 is our year of unless and fulfilment. You need to know what God wants you to be full of and what you need to fulfil. To understand the times, you need to know what is happening in the spirit.

Dan 2: 1-30

The king had a dream of national importance. It would affect everyone living in the land. The dream was one that the king did not understand so he asked the wise men for help to resolve the dilemma. Unfortunately, none of the wise men consulted by the king was able to help. This meant that everyone in the land could come to ruin because there was no solution in sight.

In today’s world, markets are crashing and nations are progressively incurring more national debt. The world is a global village where the actions taken in a part of the global have effects on the other side of the globe. The governing bodies (kings) do not know the definite solution to the world’s issues. Along with advisers (wise men), various experiments are postulated to resolve issues. This shows that as a Christian, you cannot live your life based on the world system to accomplish your God given role. The world does not have a clue.

Daniel, a child of God, was part of the wise men in the land and was to be killed. However, he asked for the reason. When informed, he asked for time to seek God for a solution. Others may have asked for the reason for their death but none took action like Daniel. As a Christian, you need to see yourself as a solution bringer. This makes you proactive. Daniel was proactive, he asked. Joseph was proactive and asked the butler and baker for their problem. David was proactive and asked for Israelite army for the reason why Goliath was left to profane the name of God. Learn to own the problem and not excuse it. Ask the right question to be the solution.

Daniel was able to successfully interpret the king’s dream, something all the wise men said was impossible. God will do impossible things through the church (body of Christ). There will be many impossible situations you as an individual and as part of the body of Christ will be confronted with. Instead of running away from them, run into them because you will find God in there and not in the safety i.e., what you can achieve or comprehend on your own.

Israel was conquered by Babylon and many of those alive were taken t Babylon. Some would have been taken as slaves but the choice young men were taken to the king’s palace. They would have considered the king’s delicacies as a breakthrough, God’s help but Daniel and his friends were sensitive and knew this was a ploy to indoctrinate Israel’s best with ungodly doctrine. Those who ate the king’s delicacies were never heard of again. Learn to retrain your mind from focusing on what you can see to what you can’t see. God has already made room, i.e., He has increased your capacity.

Today, I choose to see God in my impossible situations. I will no longer run away from challenges but face them and overcome them.

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