Seasoned Believers








James 1:2-4

Psa 138:8

There are 2 classes of believers: Seasoned and Seed believers.

A seasoned believer is mature, tried and tested, understands the workings of God, believes that God would do things through him. He understands that none is good except for God.

The seed believer is immature, believers that God would do things for him.

God is committed to making us seasoned however God will not season you if you do not commit to Him. The Lord seeks to season a believer from innocence to righteous.

The seasoned believer was Christ Jesus Himself. He chooses righteousness over innocence.

Perfection does not mean that you are flawless but rather that you are God focused.

The seed believer’s immaturity makes him need-focused, self-focused only.

A seasoned believer understands that rather for Him to be need-focused, God would do things through him and not for him. God is committed to season every seed believer.

To be seasoned means to be committed to the plans and dealings of God.

Prov 19:21

Our future is not in our plan, rather our future is in God’s plan. If your plans are not God’s plan, they will not work. A seasoned believer is only committed to God’s dealings and plans because he understands that it is in God’s plan that there is safety and fulfilment.

Psa 127:1

It is only in God’s will that is good, acceptable and perfect!

The pathway of God’s plan is not always palatable and sweet. Between glory and glory, there are challenges. God uses difficult situations and difficult people to season us.

Jer 29:11

God is committed to His dealings in our lives. God uses the challenges of life, wilderness experiences to build character and prepare us for His expected end. It is not about getting to the top, it is about who you become when you get to the top, so do not be in a hurry, go through the process with the right attitude.

James 1:3-4; Psa 138:8

The challenges you go through is an indication that you are still being perfected by God and God has not forsaken you. Know this that you cannot be perfected without affliction. Affliction is God’s tool for perfecting and seasoning every believer. If you cannot carry affliction, you cannot carry glory. Every challenge is a necessity to build capacity within you.

God’s priority is always to perfect us.

Phil 3:12

Trials and tribulations resist, it is your ability to keep pressing on that builds capacity within you. Recognition that you are being perfected and seasoned should create the right attitude within you. Choose to see beyond the affliction to glory.

When you are going through trials, you can either focus on the problem or you focus on God, because even in the problem, God is in it, and He knows what He is doing. If you focus on the problem as a problem you would murmur and complain. However if you focus on God you would be moved to always praise.

God does not necessarily bring affliction into the life of a believer but rather He uses it to perfect and season the believer.

Psa 138:1-8

As long as you keep praising God, you give God permission to continue with His perfection. Once you murmur, God disengages from you immediately.

Isa 60:11, 17-18

Praise is the key that opens the gate to God’s goodness in your life.

Heb 13:15; Prov 18:20

Praise opens you to perfection. The quality of your life is satisfied by the quality of your lips (praise). Your praise is what dictates your increase.

Hab 3:17-19

Your sacrifice of praise is the key to your victory.

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