Eph 1:3 Heaven is not far, it is in you. The proximity of heaven is close to you, your inside. Everything that God has apportioned is already within. Everything you desire is not far, but already at present.

2 Pet 1:3 You have all things that pertain to life and Godliness.

Deut 29:29 The fact that you don’t have something yet does not mean that you cannot own it, you are simply yet to access it. Until your eyes are open to it you will not possess it.

Prov 25:2; Rev 5:2 Everything you discover puts you in dominion. You reign by discovering and walking in dominion. The greatest tool of Satan is spiritual blindness (ignorance). God guides you into ALL truth. The right question is “Lord what do you see about me?” Every phase in life is opened by revelation.

Gen 12 Vs 1 God had said leave and go to a land I will show you; Vs 4 Abraham departed as God had said. Note that prior to Vs 1, the land had already existed and completed in God. Everything must be accessed through God’s revelation. What you pray / believe God for is what He will show you, not what He will do because ALL is already completed in Him. God wanted Abraham to separate himself from his familiar environment / culture / tradition.

Luk 5:37 Old wine skin is an old way of thinking. Familiar thinking will limit your progress. With every progress there has to be a renewing of the mind.

Eph 1:18 In the kingdom of God you only possess what you see / are aware of / your understanding.

Ps 119:130; Hosea 4:6 Understanding is a product of light and awareness. Light means relevant information. The information you have is what God will work with. The bedrock of knowledge and information is the word of God. People reign by virtue of understanding and positive action. We see with the eyes of our understanding.

Josh 1:8 The purpose of meditation is to facilitate seeing. The blessing starts as a seed. Meditation starts with seeing then proceeds to speaking; discern who you speak to. Meditation arouses awareness, then you can respond correctly.

Isa 43:18-19 Stop remembering the past. Move forward! God is always showing us new things but we do not pay attention. To go up, you need to give up certain things; the higher you climb the less you should carry.

1 Sam 16:1,6 Stop looking behind you to see a template which is ahead of you.  What is God showing you that you cannot see because you aren’t paying attention.

3 things you must be aware of:

  1. Stop allowing the voices around you distract you from the voice of God. You need to separate yourself from certain relationships / persons. Hab 2:1 When God speaks your eyes open! You need to learn to wait on God to speak. Sometimes God may not speak as quickly as you anticipate, learn patience. Until God speaks you do not move. It is God’s word that creates access.
  2. Stop being fixated on what is happening in the present.
  3. Stop paying attention to what happened in the past (achievements, disappointments etc).

Mark 8:22-25 You can be so familiar with something that you are not even seeing correctly. For you to make progress, God will spit on certain things that you think are correct. Unless you are willing to humble yourself before Christ to embrace the NEW. What you think you know may not always be the CORRECT thing.

When God begins to produce, don’t share your testimony prematurely.

1 Cor 2:9-12 Whatever you see on another person that makes you envious is not what God has for you because that which God has for you, eye has not seen. The Spirit of God searches the deep things of God. HE is your enabler to SEE (know) the things that have been FREELY given to you.  

Engage with the Spirit of God….EMERGE!


Luke 5:1-11 The fact that someone else has received a breakthrough and yours isn’t here yet, do not be envious BUT pray for them. Beware of strife! Before long, you will also reap a blessing. Do not let envy and jealousy cut you off because strife is a blessing killer, instead align!








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