Luke 9:57-62

Every stage in life has its own challenges.

There are 3 things that are not permitted if you must follow Jesus.

  • No procrastination
  • No backward looks – face forward!
  • You cannot put God’s Kingdom off till tomorrow

Although life throws challenges at you that makes you have reasonable excuses, however, God requires you to seize your opportunity amidst every challenge. The only thing permitted in this Kingdom is for you to seize the day.

Meditate on Luke 10:1-20

Luke 10:1

Jesus sent out His disciples in pairs. This demonstrates that Jesus values the power of relationships. The Kingdom assignment will be delivered by a united church. Also, check your relationships. What value does it bring to the Kingdom? Who are your contacts, partners, close confidants?

Luke 10:2

The harvest is already ripe, we need to PRAY for more labourers for the work of the harvest.

Luke 10:3

Go now! And when you go, remember that He sends us out as lambs amongst wolves. Lambs are vulnerable, they are targets. But fear not, because He who sent you is a good shepherd. He has gone ahead of you to prepare a way out for you. Be prepared to be vulnerable, to share your story.

Luke 10:4

On your Kingdom journey, travel light! Leave somethings behind, some relationships and habits need to be discarded.

Luke 10:7

Those who work deserve their pay. Stay in your place of assignment. Appreciate every blessing that God sends your way, even the “little”.

Luke 10:16

The Kingdom assignment is about Jesus. So don’t take your assignment personal, focus on His report. And when people reject the word, do not take offence, it is not about you.

Luke 10:17

It is about His name, Jesus.

Luke 10:18-19

You have authority in His name.

Luke 10:20

Your focus of rejoicing should only be because you are a citizen of Heaven and a child of God. Rejoice that Jesus has given you an opportunity to share the gospel to many.


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