Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation (Mark 16: 15) … We do it the MULTIMEDIA way. In the Multimedia team, we aim to use the latest in technology to reach out to our community and disseminate the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. By what we do, we encourage the congregation to have a more intimate worship experience with the Lord, facilitate the recall of Messages and promote awareness within the Church. We achieve this by providing audio, image & video broadcasts of the unbridled Word–Faith cometh by hearing and hearing … (Romans 10: 17)

Our qualifications?
No, we are not “techies”; we only have a passion to see others blessed through technology. Why not join us today and we can together make this a reality? Why not be the next Bezaleel (Exodus 31: 1 – 6) of your generation?

SWAT (Spiritual Warfare and Tactics)

We are a team of Intercessors that are resolute in our commitment to seek the face of God through effectual and fervent prayer; we pray only according to the will of God and to receive answers to our prayers all the time. Our Mission is to be focused and consistent in the place of prayer; keeping our garments free of blemish. Our function is to intercede for the City of Glasgow as watchmen by ensuing that the kingdom of God is established in the city and that Glasgow aligns with her prophetic destiny. As watchmen we also intercede for the City of God Glasgow congregation concerning prophetic utterances/declarations, special programmes, weekly and monthly meetings (Ezekiel 3:17; 33:7). To lift the arms of our Pastor and other leaders in the church in their service to the Lord. Praying for their families, their walk with God, their ministries and other areas of their lives.


This ministry provides diverse opportunities for gifted people to participate in leading the congregation into the presence of the Lord. It was designed to inculcate the lifestyle of worship into members as well as listeners and to also reach out to the city of Glasgow, Scotland and the United Kingdom as a whole through gospel music via various activities such as:

1. Provision of rich praise and worship during all the services including wedding ceremonies, child dedication…

2. Praise concerts

3. Seminars & workshops by the worship team We are a people who are skilled in performing our duties in accordance to God’s will”. We acknowledge that music is one way of reaching out and bringing people to God.

The Worship Warship Choir

The City of God Glasgow Gospel Choir fondly referred to as The Worship Warship because we recognise the use of praise to break negativity and establish the atmosphere of heaven. The purpose of The Worship Warship is to lift up the name of Jesus and introduce Jesus to everyone under her ministration, touching every aspect of the lives of the people –to inspire, encourage, teach and direct the attention of the people to God.

Children’s Choir

The children’s choir is a vibrant and very active department in the music ministry. Our children’s choir have been privileged to minister in various places outside of the church. They also have major presentations within the church at different times of the year.

Latest News

Unforced Rhythm of Grace

Unforced rhythm of grace

Delight, Desire and the Unforced Rhythm of Grace

Delight, Desire and the Unforced Rhythm of Grace