Shift Through Rest


The place of rest is where God prepares you for the next level. It is where you progress into God’s agenda for your life.

To shift gears in a car, you need to move into neutral (rest). Without a gear change, you remain on the same performance and operate at sub-par levels.

  • 2nd Sam 7:1-2 It was in his period of rest that David thought to build a temple
  • Mark 6:3-45 Jesus brought the disciples to a place of rest so they could do more (partner in the miracle of 5 loves and 2 fish). Without rest, they could not move to the ext level.
  • Gen 2:21 God put Adam to rest to create the next level-Eve

When you experience rest, don’t get complacent; ask God "what’s the next thing for me?”

Esther almost went complacent when she entered into rest (palace). Mordecai revived her by asking “do you want to be a queen or a saviour?” 

Nehemiah correctly interpreted his rest. As a cup bearer, he was close to power and would have enjoyed its perks. However, when he heard about the issue in Israel, he took up the challenge to advance God’s kingdom.


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