Soul Food







3 John 2

This scripture is not limited to the prosperity of the soul/flesh/physical man but rather, sustaining wealth through the health of the soul.

Mark 8:36

Deut 8:18

It is God who gives us the power to get wealth that He may establish His covenant. Wealth is not an end, it is a means to an end. Your wealth is a means to an end. The end is God’s plan establish the covenant.

Gen 12:3; 26:4; 28:13-14

You are given wealth to be a blessing. The purpose of your wealth is to bless others. You cannot be a blessing when your soul is unhealthy. Wealth is not limited to finance, houses, cars etc. Wealth includes relationship, knowledge, wisdom, health, money etc.

How are you a benefit to your family, neighbours, community? You are supposed to be a channel of blessing and not a dam. Your wealth must attract rather than repel.

Matt 5:13-16

God’s desire is to display His wealth through your life. As a believer you should either be liked/disliked but don’t be ignored. You should always be relevant. With wealth men see your good works; widows are supported, orphans receive security, children are protected and raised properly etc.

Eph 2:10

You are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works.

Est. 10:3

Mordecai deployed his wealth by ministering peace to all his countrymen. Let your eyes seek to bless others with your wealth.

Symptoms of an unhealthy soul

Jealousy, envy, covetousness, comparison, un-forgiveness, offence, low self-esteem, people validation, attention seeking, overreacting, fighting over things, fear of men, suspicious.

In a community of a productive people, everything you do is from your soul. The soul speaks of your thoughts, feelings, mind.

The more productive you are, you must pay more attention to nurturing your soul. This means the soul is stretched and starts to drift.

To be full of the spirit means the spirit and the soul are correctly aligned.

When there is a misalignment of the soul, you pay more attention to your flesh rather than your spirit.

1 Tim 1:19

The first thing God uses to save the soul is the conscience. Your conscience is about what is right/wrong for you. Your conscience is your red light telling you to stop. Pay attention to what your soul (conscience) is saying. Once you go beyond your conscience, it will shipwreck your faith. If you pay attention to your conscience, it will minimise the tensions in life, marriage, relationships etc.

Wrong filling of your vacuum. What are you filling your soul with?

When you have a soul deficit, what are you refilling it with?

Deut 17:14-17; 2 Sam 5:12-13; 8:1-11; 11

You should not solve a soul deficit with a physical solution. For example, after King David had achieved so much in his reign, conquering nations and territories, he compensated his soul with wives, concubines etc. When your soul is weak, you will see/notice/pay attention to the wrong things. David was feeding what was spiritual with what was canal.

True rest is when you come into fresh revelation. You must pay attention to your soul.

Psa 42

Every need that a soul seeks is in God. There is an ache that only God can satisfy. The soul of man thirsts after God. It is God in you that makes you attractive.

John 6:15

Until you start hearing God, your holiday in restoring your soul is not complete. If you have not heard God, it is not complete. Stop replacing what is sacred with canal









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