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Eze 37:1-12; 36:1-12
Eze 36 is a prophecy to the mountains of Israel. The prophecy was to the mountains but God landed him in the valley. Prophesy is always very encouraging but reality can be painful. The prophetic word always sounds exciting because it is from the mountain-top view but the reality can be overwhelmingly discouraging.

God spoke about the restoration of Israel, however, when God was going to start the work, He placed him in a valley of dry bones.

Eze 36:8, 12, 24
God said the mountain will flourish for the people are coming. The people, i.e. the mountain dwellers that God told Ezekiel about in Ezekiel 36 were scattered in the valley of the dry bones. The reality you stand in is the seed of the destiny you hope for. God has put something in you that would create what He has spoken to you about.

Eze 37:2
Although Ezekiel saw bones, God saw an army. What we call thrash, God calls treasure. The despondency that we see is different from the reality God sees, i.e. God sees a necessity to the pathway for your greatness.
Eze 36 and 37 are a typology of the church, God places the church in a situation to trigger prayer and action. The church is there to speak the mind of God into the root of the situation and circumstances.

Eze 36:3-6
God executes vengeance by shaming your enemies so that their expectations and plots against you will become null and void and God would cause you to advance and excel in spite of every opposition. Your enemies will see the glory and restoration of God in your life and they cannot partake of it.

Psa 23:5
God’s vengeance will produce fruitfulness and restoration in your life and nation and you become out of the reach of your enemies.

Eze 36:13-17
God’s vengeance will cause your reputation to be renewed such that your enemies would be silenced.

Eze 36:22-24
The restoration of the prophetic destiny of the nation. Mind renewal.

Eze 37:1
God placed Ezekiel in the valley full of bones because this is the role of the church. The church is a place where help is administered. The work of the church is to cultivate the person. God is never in denial.

Gen 1:2
Darkness was on the face of the deep, i.e. ignorance, darkness is a covering. Until you do something about darkness, all things remain hidden. The fact that someone is destitute does not mean they lack the potential for greatness. God will always relate with you according to His original plan and purpose for you. Why call yourself a failure when God calls you a success.

God asked Ezekiel to prophesy. Prophecy uncovers what has been covered. Prophecy is not speaking to your future, rather it is affirming the truth of your reality. Prophecy is God’s reality revealed to man. The prophetic word lifts the scales off the eyes.

Eze 37:3-4
Prophecy to the Bones. Joseph said to the Israelites; don’t leave my bones in Egypt, take it with you. Bones give structure, systems, and solution.

Isa 3:1-4
Restoration of abandoned cities and structures.

Eze 37:3
Our hope is in God not in bones (systems, structures). Prophecy means to speak under inspiration. Speak life and not death. Speak as inspired by God not out of anger/frustration. To speak under the inspiration of God means to speak life and to take inspired action.

1 Tim 1:18-19
You wage war with the prophetic word, don’t settle for less. Once God says this is your destiny, don’t settle for anything less. Your valley of bones is your path of life, not necessarily a path flowing with milk and honey. Rather, through your experience, God brings out the best in you. When you are planted by God, you manifest greatness. When you plant yourself, you exercise self-willpower. In God’s kingdom, we don’t do, we bear fruit. When you are planted where God wants you to be, you manifest as you are built by God. Similarly, as a fish swims in water and a bird in the air, you would manifest the fruit of the seed that God has placed within you. God’s path will produce excellence in you. Don’t remove yourself from God’s path. They that are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God.

That which looks daunting to you is the same thing that will define and elevate you. Prophecy means you speak as inspired and take action. And so Ezekiel prophesied in faith. Anything you do in faith lives. And the dry bones lived.

Isa 61:4
Your actions must be prophetic, inspired by God. Every act is an act of faith. God is restoring hopes, dreams, and ideas. 

Speak life, be prophetic in your life.

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