Stand by your thanksgiving








Num 23:1-17; Jer 29:11

No matter what you are going through, there is a beautiful future ahead of you. 

Num 23:17; Luk 17:17 Stand by your thanksgiving, stand by your gratitude to God. Don’t let your situation / environment cause you to loose sight of ALL that God has done for you, stand by your thanksgiving, develop a gratitude-lifestyle. Be always thankful; count your many blessings, name them one by one. Out of the 10 lepers that were healed, one remembered to return to show gratitude to Jesus for his healing, he stood by his thanksgiving!

Whenever God does something remarkable in your life, likewise do something extra-ordinary, raise an altar of thanksgiving to mark that event as a memorial of God’s faithfulness. You may forget, but Heaven never forgets. That becomes your 'sacrifice of thanksgiving'. 

Gen 22:2 When you stand by your sacrifice, it attracts the incredible presence of God.

Judges 5:1-9 Deborah stood by her thanksgiving and glorified God for the victory He had given them, she counted ALL the many blessings, named them one by one. As a result, God gave them 40 more years of sustained peace. Likewise, Hannnah the mother of Samuel, stood by her thanksgiving, fulfilled her vow by offering her child back to God. Samuel became her 'sacrifice of thanksgiving'. Abraham also stood by his thanksgiving by responding to God's demand for Isaac as a sacrifice, he did not withhold, rather he responded swiftly and God showed up to accept his offering in a remarkable way. How will you stand by your thanksgiving?

2 Sam 5, 6 David always built an altar of thanksgiving to God in all circumstances.

2 Sam 6:12-22 Michal despised David whilst he was dancing with a heart of thanksgiving to God. Michal was cursed with barrenness because she lacked and despised thanksgiving.

Stand by your service to God. Stay faithful.

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