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John 1:1-4

Most times when we think of favour, we think of what favour has produced e.g. spouse, house, car, protection, promotion. All these are the products of favour.

Favour is like a brand. Every brand has products that can be identified. Before the products that we see, is the person behind the brand. Likewise, favour is God’s brand.

John 1:14, 16

What we receive from God is what we call favour. It is not what is received that is most important but who gave it, God.

Gen 18:3

Favour is about whom. If favour is received, then favour is given. Running with favour simply means running with something that has been given to you.

John 1:1-3

To access favour, you need to go into the word to receive it. All things were made by Him. It is not about the made things but the MAKER. Favour is the aftermath of an encounter with God. You cannot run with what you have not received. You need to access God to receive it.

Isa 55:1-3

You buy favour with thirst, not money. You connect with favour by what you eat. The ears taste the food of the spirit. You come to God with your thirst, you leave with fullness.

Acts 1:8; John 1:12

The encounter is where you receive. Favour is given. Favour is not about the resource but WHO gave it to you.

Luke 4:5

Whatever the devil gives, it is only in a moment. Only the blessings of God makes rich and adds no sorrow. If you cannot verify with the root of the product, it is not favour. The encounter with God is favour but men call the effects (products) favour. Do not let anyone tell you that you are not favoured because it will endure and be manifest. The favour of God is progressive.

Seek the encounter because that is where favour begins. Running and starting with favour requires that you encounter the giver of favour. For you to encounter favour, you must thirst.

John 1:1; Prov 3:4; Gen 18:3; 17:1

Favour is first found in the sight of God before you seek after men. If you have not found favour in the word, men will not respond to you. If you are going to enjoy the shower of God’s favour, you need to put off your old self. God’s mercy drops can fall on you despite your old-nature but showers of blessing require that you strip your old self.

Luke 24:49; 2:49-52; 3:21

There is an atmosphere conducive for you to receive what God has for you. Favour comes when you are in the place of encounter. Jesus submitted to His parents and John the Baptist despite His position and appointment. Jesus increased in favour because He was in a place where He was required in that season. The essence of favour, don’t look for the resource, wait for the encounter. The heavens will not open to you in a place of rebellion. Prayer positions you in the place of reception because favour is a product of an encounter.

How do we encounter favour?

John 8:29

Beware of offence. God gauges your humility by your disposition to man.

Heb 11:6; Rom 5:1-2

You encounter God in His word. Every time you respond to the word correctly, you have pleased God. When you respond by faith, you have pleased God. You respond in faith by choosing to please God especially when it is not convenient.

Don’t judge favour by what you have but by what you hear in the word of God. It is what you have heard that will sustain what you have.

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