Successfully Navigating the Process to Destiny


For you to get to your destiny, you must go through a process whether it is pleasant or not. Isa 54: 1-3: For a desolate woman to transform to a woman of many children, she goes through several pregnancies (process). As she expands, there is re-construction and transformation. It is not comfortable process but she emerges with many children. If your current situation is uncomfortable, know God is working in you.

Psa 16:11: Your process is determined by God and it can’t be circumvented. God chooses your path because it is important to God that you get to your destination as well as whom you become. God will rather make you a millionaire (giving you a right attitude to work and money) rather than give you a million pounds (destination) as a million pounds can be lost overnight. The process gives you skills for your destination.

Every process is good process, either it is borne of your mistakes or not. So far you give control to God; it will lead it to your destination. When driving and you deviate off your Sat-Nav to take a wrong path, you can get lost. However, when you choose to consult Sat-Nav, it recalculates your path back to your destination. In addition, you get to see new scenery (you gain more). Your state after the process is greater than you before the process. Isa 9:8 Jesus died but the Jesus that resurrected was not the same who died. In resurrection, He took on a glorified body.

James 1:8: Being double minded means you second guess the process. You may doubt your marriage, children, career, studies but if you choose to turn to God, then it will work in your favour no matter the mistakes you have previously made. Don’t focus on your mistakes. God’s word should lead you and not your feelings or the situation. Consult your Sat-Nav (your guide; the Holy Spirit)

During the process, your identity will get ambiguous; you are not even sure who you are. What do you fill in a form when asked for occupation; do you write engineer (based on your qualification) or security guard (your current job)? When a bungalow is being transformed from 2-3 rooms, there is no need to re-do the foundations. When a bungalow is being transformed into a skyscraper, then the foundation must be re-done. When foundation is being re-done, the bungalow will have an ambiguous identity. Am I a still bungalow or what am I being transformed into? 1st Cor 3:11: Learn to soak yourself identity and self worth in Christ. You can lean on Him whilst going through the process.

James 1:3-7. We need 2 things as we navigate the process of life:

  1. Wisdom of God:
  • Have an understanding of eternal truths: Seed, time and harvest will not cease etc
  • Have the ability to make the right decisions, i.e., not walking in flesh (foolishness). Gen 24:16-Rebecca was beautiful and a virgin (pure) but that was not enough for her to enter destiny. She took the right decision to treat a stranger with honour and respect to enter the lineage of Christ.
  • Discernment to make the right relationships. Every Christian has a level of grace. What you need is available around you. 
  1. God kind of faith:
  • Means what you say you will see.
  • Does not back down on God’s word. Psa 16:10. There is always a way out but say it with your mouth.
  • Believes God will not leave you hanging in the process but will take you to your destiny.

Jer 29:7: The Israelites wanted to leave Babylon but God said don’t go, stay. He knew it was painful for them but He said “I know”. You need to trust God in the pain and embrace your process; knowing it is working for your good.

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