All God has prepared cannot be measured or discerned by our physical senses. What God is doing in our lives, as an individual is authentic, different Luke 1:34-35; Mark 8:29

Focus on the word of God, believe the word and let the word express itself in you. When you desire what others have, you begin to work in covetousness. Beware! Heb 13:5

Matt 20:15 Covetousness is anything you see on another person that makes you feel less than yourself. Godliness with contentment is great gain 1 Tim 6:6. Contentment is seeing the treasure in the little you have. If you open your eyes to appreciate what He has done for you, then He will open your eyes to see the treasure within.

What God will do for you will suit you, it will be a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality. What God prepares for you, He also surrounds you with people that can help us facilitate it.

1 Cor 2:10-14 Everything that has been revealed can only be accessed by faith just believe it. You can’t access the things God has prepared by our natural senses. Stop asking how, just believe Him. Num 11:23. Your natural sense was given you to enjoy and appreciate the physical world but not to limit you. Col 1:16

How do you access God’s word?

  1. You must believe what the word is saying
  2. You must accept it for yourself
  3. You must express your believe – by your works of faith

Our works of faith can be energised by:

Then these will breed manifestation.

The Holy Spirit reveals to you what God has prepared for you and also the Holy Spirit will guide you into who you are:

  • Your identity Heb 11:24
  • Your destiny Eph 1:17-23
  • Your legacy Gen 15:5 – what God wants to inherit from you. There is a truth beyond your reality.
  • Your capacity – the power that is at work within you 2 Cor 2:10. The deep things of God are the precious things of God must be dug. Dan 2:19-20


1 Cor 2:12; Rom 8:32 Whatever God has given to you freely you don’t need to pray for, you simply receive it by faith. Every work of faith will definitely deliver. The following has been freely given to us by God:

  • Gen 2:8 – A place of belonging (Eden), an inheritance in God.
  • Gen 2:9 – Divine provision, receive what Christ has done.
  • Gen 2:10 – God sustains you through His spirit (the river that waters the garden).
  • Gen 2:15 – A place of inheritance is your place of significance.
  • Gen 2:17 – A place of divine guidance; there is a place God wants you to maintain what He has given.
  • Gen 2:19-25 – Divine companionship, marriage is God’s idea not ours.

If these are freely given, what should we be praying for Col 1:9-11

  1. Revelation of his will - It is only what is revealed that you can act on / occupy.
  2. Wisdom – what you use to take delivery of what has been freely given.
  3. Patience Col 1:11; Luke 18:1
  4. Longsuffering
  5. Joyfulness – You need joy to access revelation and if there is no rhema you can’t have faith.

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