Terminating Prolonged Affliction


 Anything that is happening to you that is not substantiated by the Word is an affliction.

Isa 48:10 God can use the affliction in your life to bring about His will for you. However, this affliction is tenured (has a set time of expiry).

Gen 15:13-14 God told Abraham that no matter how many prayers or fasting that he or any other person may do, his lineage will be in bondage for 400 years. But you see; it had an expiry date.

Zech 1:15 There are powers that understand that you are being afflicted and then prolong your affliction. There are powers that have information about issues in your lineage that you are yet to deal with. They use this knowledge to keep you captive. This is what is called lawful captive.

Jer 25:10-14 God judged the heathen perpetually and gave the righteous a great reward. God will not bring you out the way you got in. God gives you double for your trouble

Zech 1:16 God returns with mercies. Mercy is not dependent on your action. Therefore, God grants amnesty even for the afflictions not yet expired. Mercy triumphs over judgment.

1st Chron 4:10 Jabez took responsibility to understand and realise his name. He persistently prayed and took efforts to change his situation.

When you buy food, there is an expiration date. You have the responsibility to ensure that expired food is no longer eaten. Likewise, you have a responsibility to persistently resist prolonged affliction. Jabez took steps to remove the root of his problem so that it no longer persisted in his lineage

When there is an affliction in your life, you should not accept it as norm but continually take spiritual steps to stop the prolonged affliction.

Daniel saw that the affliction of his people was meant to be over. Therefore, he chose to fast and pray. Remember the powers that prolong affliction do not leave willingly.

The very first day Daniel started praying, God answered. Daniel’s prayers were based on the Word but the powers that prolonged the affliction withstood his answer. It was his persistence in prayer that made heaven send a stronger angel to bring about the answer.

In the 71st year of captivity, Daniel discovered the Word that the Israelites were to leave in 70 years but he didn’t get the full revelation. In the 72nd year, Zechariah was able to achieve the deliverance. 

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