The Abundant Life








Psa 44:3

There is a land to be taken and a fight for territories. The enemy is fighting to take over territories. As Christians, we cannot sit passively and allow things to unfold without taking part actively by engaging with the power of God.

The favour of God upon us is to fulfil the mandate of the blessing (Gen 1:28) bestowed upon us by God from the beginning. The favour of God is for impact and service, not for self-indulgence (food, house, car, money etc). The favour is to establish the Kingdom of God on earth.

Running with favour is taking territories. The favour of God is for us to align with God so He can entrust you with the mandate to take territories for the Kingdom. Favour is for the trustworthy.

Matt 6:33

When you prioritise the Kingdom of God and its righteousness, all goodies (material blessings) will be added to you, you would not need to seek earthly blessings, rather these will follow you in abundance automatically.

John 15:1-17

John 1:1 Jesus is God.

Jesus is the “I am…..” The resurrection and the life (i.e. victory over death).

Gen 15:1-7

Jesus is the true vine.  He is our solid foundation as the vine and all the branches are connected to Him.

To prune means to trim, clip, reduce. In agriculture, pruning is the practice of selectively removing plant parts, manipulate the plant for horticultural and landscape purposes. Similarly, God prunes you i.e. intentionally removes/trims/clips those areas in your life that are irrelevant to your destiny/journey through life. This is not to diminish you but to make you better.

Pruning cuts out damaged/dead/dying parts of the plant. God removes death/damaged mind set so that He can reset you to align you to His mind set. This is a character reset intentionally programmed by God.

Pruning is specific and personal. Don’t enforce your pruning process on others. Focus on your assignment.

Gen 15:3

The pruning is not because you are bad/unrighteous rather it is because there is more you can produce. God does not want to leave you in the place of complacency. You are already clean because of the word of God in you, so enjoy the pruning process, don’t look down on yourself. You are better than average, there is more inside of you that God wants to bring out in you. You have the capacity to produce so much more fruit, hence the pruning process is necessary.

A life above average is a life of impact and service.  Pruning is exceptional, it is necessary for your process so focus and quite comparing yourself with another.

Gen 15:4-5

God is calling you to remain in Him as He is committed to staying with you permanently because you cannot bear fruit outside of Him (God). Stay connected because apart from God, you can do nothing.

Simply seek first the Kingdom of God.

Gen 15:6; Jon 10:10; Psa 1:3

When you do not remain connected to your source (God), you become prey for the enemy. The tree that is planted at the right location will definitely produce abundant fruit in season.

Gen 15:7-8

When you remain connected to God, your thoughts/actions/words will be in sync with God the Father and therefore whatever you ask will be done. Your desires will be in alignment with the mind of God concerning every matter and you will produce much fruit. The word of God inside you is responsible for producing the fruit. As the word of God abides in you, you live out the life of Christ (Christian).

When you bear much fruit, therein is God glorified and you shine forth as His disciple.

Gen 15:9-17

Abide in God’s love. It is a privilege to be called a son of God, it is not based on your gender/past mistakes/circumstances but rather by reason of your position in Christ Jesus’s love and sacrifice for you on the cross. His love redeems you from all sin. Jesus desires you as you are, His love has redeemed you unto Himself.

Jesus calls you friend and not servant, thus He has opened His heart to you. Jesus is seeking partnership/relationship/fellowship. Servants do not know their master’s business but as friends, you have insight in your friend’s business. The kingdom is Jesus’ mandate for us as His friends.

Gen 15:16-17; Gal 5:22

Go and bear fruit. The fruit is love. Live in love. Stay in love. As you bear much fruit, the world will know that you are indeed a disciple of God and therein is God glorified.

The fruit of love conquers all things. Love is the tool for strategic evangelism. Love is selfless.

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