The Atmosphere of Joy & Rest


What is Joy?

Joy is not the same thing as happiness. Joy is a product of knowledge. It is a product of correct conversation with the word. Happiness is tied to situations and to a point in time. Joy is a product of a word centered life. God expects us to be joyful because we know who we are and know that what he has for us has been finished. Because it is finished, we are therefore expected to rest.

Acts 5:40-41. Joy does not come from the good situations in your life; that is happiness. Joy comes from knowing God is pleased. So if unpleasant situations occur but approval from God should be your aim. Joseph went to prison but God was pleased because it was preparing him for the palace. There is glory without a story

Joy in trials

Jesus endured the cross because He knew the glory beyond the cross. He had joy. If in your trial and distractions, you can see (through the word) where you are going to, you will have joy within the trials. You will embrace the process to get to your end. Although it may look that you are retrogressing but you are actually progressing.

Isa 55:6-13 What others see as thorns, you see as good. Moses rejected the riches of Pharaoh’s house because he saw beyond the palace and into his purpose as Gods instrument. Joy makes you see the way God sees and not as humans do. When you have issues and you still have joy, you have announced to the devil that he has failed and your manifestation is near.

1st Pet 1:6. Before God approves the release of your inheritance to you, He proves you. Sort of how car is tested before cars launch. If you are not proved, you will lose ground similar to the release of the Samsung Note 7 that was not properly tested and proved fit for use.


  • Every shame you have suffered qualifies you for double honour
  • What you have been denied and you asked God “when” has been released to you and you will receive it with joy.

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