The Atmosphere of Rest & Revelation







Heb 4: 1-11

To rest means to adopt what God has already finished. Anything God has not finished will never last.

Psa 127: 1 As believers in Christ we believe in God’s finished work, our labour is to enter into what God has already done by locating the Word and responding to it. Take action based on the word.

If you are travelling from A to B, you will use existing routes i.e. air road or rail. You don’t create the route because it already exists (i.e. God’s rest). However, you need to labour to ensure you catch the flight, train or bus. You labour to book a suitable flight, arrive at the airport on time, go through security and board the plane. All these actions (labours) are done in faith because you believe the plane will take you to your desired destination. However, when on the plane, you relax because you are not in charge of the journey.

God’s promise declares the end from the beginning. However, God will reveal each step to you by revelation. Revelation is seeing what is already there. It brings awareness. Your dominion is tied to revelation.

Psa 1:1-6 To be blessed means empowered to prosper. Everyone is blessed but not all are fruitful. Ungodly counsel is any advice given to you strictly based on facts and not faith (acknowledgement of God).   

Facts are based on what is happening now but faith is based on truths issued from heaven. A sinner is a person who takes decision not based on faith. A scorner despises the word of faith. Elisha said the heavens will open but the official did not believe. Facts remove you from faith which is what gives you divinity. Revelation supersedes reality (facts).

The word of God does not speak of circumstances but of the end (finished works of God). When you rest in God, your confessions shifts along with your belief. Revelation comes to initiate things, to announce your time for manifestation. Although it may be your time it may not yet be turn. Joseph’s time started from when he interpreted the dream of the cup bearer because God then initiated his move into the palace. However, it took 2 years for his turn to come.

Revelation is how believers live. An open heaven is the word of God opening to you. It is God’s conversation with you when you search the word. Prayer is labour but you can’t labour without being pregnant i.e pregnant with the word. If you seek revelation, camp by the word! So position yourself for revelation.

1Sam 3:1-4 Where you sleep determines what you hear. It makes you a visionary as God shows you His finished work, then you speak as a visionary. God speaks to us at His level not at our level.

Isa 55; Hab 2:1. A watch is 3 hours and you watch because you are looking for something.

Dan 2:1 Daniel prayed that Gods will for his life should not perish.

Vision is the ability to interpret dreams with clarity such that people can apply it.

Vision gives promotion.

Revelation sees with clarity, the word of God produces revelation.







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